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Pekudei Videos

Can Pure Lust Ever Be Truly Pure?
The sensual aspect of human existence is heavy with potential for impure doings. And yet this same potential holds the secret of the copper laver used by the Kohanim to wash their hands and feet in preparation for their holy services in the Mishkan.
Two People Who Tried to Do the Impossible
The Jewish way to define success
Torah in Ten: Pekudei
Topics include: How to protect oneself from the "evil eye," the Tabernacle as a physical representation of a spiritual archetype, how the tapestries of the Tabernacle represent a "foretaste" of spiritual attainments to come.
How to Lift a Heavy Beam
Something Spiritual on Parshat Pekudei
When Moses wasn’t able to erect the heavy walls of the Mishkan, he’s told to do his part and leave the rest to G-d—nothing less and nothing more.
Transparency and Accountability
Practical Parshah - Pekudei
Moses publically audits what all of the donations were used for in the building of the Sanctuary. To what lengths must one go to clear oneself of suspicion?
The Power of Blessing
Life Lessons from Parshat Pekudei
There are numerous references to the concept of blessings in this Torah portion. What is the special power of a blessing?
Parshah Mnemonics: Pekudei
Decoding the hidden messages
The parshah of Pekudei contains 92 verses and there seems to be no mnemonic for it. Explore the coded message in the unknown Masoretic note and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
The Eternal Mishkan
Video | 57:09
The Eternal Mishkan
Parshah Curiosities: Vayakhel-Pekudei
Examining the commentaries on the seemingly redundant word “mishkan” (Tabernacle) reveals profound insight into the everlasting nature of the mishkan.
The Eternal Mishkan Revisited
Parshah Curiosities: Pekudei
An overview of historic holiness—more than 13 centuries of sacred architecture. A stunning snapshot of the different sacred sanctuaries that served as the epicenter of Jewish spiritual life from Moses to Rabbi Akiva. Discover why the locations shifted in the past, but will never again. Learn how they moved, and why some were destroyed, while others simply faded away.
Total Dedication
Video | 57:54
Total Dedication
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on who served in the inauguration of the Mishkan
When you study the initiation process of the Mishkan (Sanctuary) in the desert, you learn what empowers you, as a Jew, to be ready to fully commit to G-d.
The Devine Presence in Your Handiwork
Something Spiritual on Parshat Pekudei
Make Morality Attractive
Growing Weekly: Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei
Why did Moses give a full audit of all the materials used in the construction of the mishkan (sanctuary)? Was Moses not trusted?
Mishkan, Mishkan: Why the Double Expression?
An analysis of Rashi’s second commentary in Parshat Pekudei, which addresses the repetition of the word Mishkan, and examining the nuances of the printed version in contrast to other manuscripts. (Based on Likkutei Sichot, vol. 11, pg. 175 and manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford)
Building the Mishkan
The order for constructing the sanctuary
We find a discrepancy in the sequence of instructions to build the mishkan. Presented is a mystical understanding of the order of three things G-d conveys to Moses differently from how Moses instructed the people: resting on Shabbat, building the structure, and making the vessels.
Looks Good on Paper
Video | 36:26
Looks Good on Paper
Life isn’t perfect, we’re not perfect, and it’s okay.
Learning the Haftorah: Pekudei
The weekly portion from the Prophets
You Keep Talking About What You Love
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 16, Pekudei
As a Jew (the musical)
Vayakhel-Pekudei Parshah Report
Jono reports live on location in front of a backdrop of Antarctica to demonstrate the need to take our Judaism with us everywhere. And Gefilte Fish wears a bow tie. Just watch the video...
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 1st Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 2nd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 3rd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 4th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 5th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 6th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Pekudei: 7th Portion
Pekudei – Disorderly Conduct
When constructing the Mishkan, Moses schleps in the furniture (i.e. the ark, the menorah etc.) before the entire structure is completed. Why does he furnish G-d’s home in such a backwards way?
Temple Life
Video | 2:13
Temple Life
Rashi states that G-d took the two Holy Temples from us as collateral for our sins. By Jewish law, collateral must be returned in one piece; nothing can be missing. May we go from “G-d’s presence filled the Tabernacle” to “G-d called Moses”, with everything that follows.
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