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Lights, Camera, Action!

1st Night of Chanukah, 5752 · December 1, 1991

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Lights, Camera, Action!: 1st Night of Chanukah, 5752 · December 1, 1991

An address at the Chanukah Live worldwide satellite hookup at 770: The ultimate purpose of science is to discover new ways to facilitate and increase our ability to serve G-d. This we see clearly here at this gathering: Jews in every corner of the globe were able to tune in, via satellite, and watch as a little child kindled the Chanukah flames.
Chanukah, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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yaakov pittsburgh, pa November 25, 2007

amazing work, beautiful Reply

Maurry Epstein Montreal, Canada December 14, 2006

The Gift of Chabad This site is a flicker of the candle of the light Chabad is bringing to us all. It was a miracle that I "discovered" Chabad some time ago and my every encounter finds my appreciation of the miracle of my Jewishness is enhanced. I look forward to my interactions with the web site and my friends at the Montreal Torah Center as candy for my neshumah. Yasher koach. Keep up the extraordinary work. You are beloved and appreciated Reply

Dovid Moshe Brown Johannesburg, S. |Africa December 23, 2005

General Yasher Koach - the new site set up is incredible. I a referring more and more people to the site... Your site and people using it will make the Rebbe proud. We should all be united together with mashiach NOW Reply

Sharon Glavy Las Vegas, Nevada December 6, 2005

I stumbled across your site when I did a Google search for Chanukah information for my 6 year old son. All I can say is, there is no such thing as coincidence!! G-d had a reason for me to read the articles from your site. I have read and printed the articles. I was amazed and in awe. I have heard of the great Rebbes, but when I read the great words of wisdom, my heart ached and I got that overwhelming feeling you get when you hear or read something that you know is the TRUTH. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will return to Chabad.org often. I am a Conservative Jew who belongs to a Reform synagogue... Bless you for bringing this beautiful light to our people. I needed to experience and receive the knowlege and truth from your site. Thank you again!! Reply

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