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A Brilliant Victory

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A Brilliant Victory

Chanukah celebrates the Jews’ battle for G‑d’s Torah to prevail. But the mitzvah which they established to immortalize their triumph—the kindling of the Chanukah menorah—sheds light on the true nature of “Jewish victory.”
Chanukah, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Jennifer Porter Ballwin December 16, 2017

I want to see the entire video!

Love the Rebbe and was getting a lot from his talk, but then the ad (Buy this DVD!) comes on and I can't read the subtitles with the ad over them. Then It switches to a different video before this one finishes. Grrr!

Now, is this what the Rebbe said to do? Cut off the end of his video? Is this what he would have wanted? Just asking. Reply

Lev-Chaim b'rav Mordechai Near Phila. December 9, 2012

He speaks to the ages I just finished reading a historical description of the events before, during and after the Macabees, looking for a description of the miracle of Hanukkah. Everyone fighting everyone-murder, rape, pillage... Vey! The Rebbe cuts through history to tell us what's really important. Reply

Evelyn k simmons December 7, 2009

Living Torah Can you make it available On you tube? Reply

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