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Shabbos-Chanukah Light

Kislev, 5750 • December 26, 1989

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Shabbos-Chanukah Light: Kislev, 5750 • December 26, 1989

There is a special lesson when both the first and last days of Chanukah fall out on Shabbos. It teaches us that every aspect of a Jew’s life must be completely permeated and saturated with “the Shabbos spirit,” with extra holiness and transcendence over the mundane.
Chanukah, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Melissa Solomon Providence, RI December 21, 2008

shalom I used to live in Crown Heights for a year, but never actually met the Rebbe. I attended Machon Alte in Tsfat and loved it. However, somewhere along the way I lost my observance. I think New York was just too overwhelming for me and I grew depressed and had to leave NY. It has taken me several years to get to the point of wanting to become observant again. Although I have visited C.H'ts for day trips, I miss living there quite often. It was nice to have people around all the time. Watching these videos was very inspiring for me. However, I think living in a smaller community and being more on my own is producing a spiritual strength that is coming from the inside, rather then let's say from frum surroudings. I have begun praying again, not because everyone else is, but because it gives me structure and a time to speak and commune with G-d. I believe it is Rebbe Nachman who says that a baal Tshuve usually does tshuve twice.
G-d Bless! Reply

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