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A Chanukah Message for All Ages

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A Chanukah Message for All Ages

Chanukah reminds every Jew that it is G-d’s eternal mandate to carry the torch of His “Mitzvah-candle and Torah-light.” With most Mitzvos, the “candle” and “light” are not physically visible. But with the Chanukah candles we see how fulfilling the Mitzvah creates actual physical light that illuminates all one’s surroundings.
Chanukah, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Chuck December 9, 2012

The Rebbe The Rebbe gets to the point . The light of our souls . Where we can see the light in our fellow Jews souls . This is a hope and an expectation . First we have to see ourselves
as spiritual entities to see others as the same . Skip the story , the Rebbe gets to the point . Thank you Rebbe . (We see ourselves as G-d's Servant and not boxed in by man and this is the true freedom.) Thank you Rebbe.

Respectfully Reply

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