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Chapter 8: Heritage

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Chapter 8: Heritage

G-fish finally meets his parents and learns the secrets of his gefilte fish heritage.

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miky rimler August 9, 2020

hahaha that is so funny "no time for speeches now rabbi g fish is meeting his parents!" Reply

Sruly oberlander nj August 9, 2020
in response to miky:

haha Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia September 10, 2020
in response to Sruly oberlander:

hahaha Reply

haha nj July 13, 2020

haha Reply

SRULY TDICVK June 28, 2020


Anonymous February 25, 2020

The spelling of its middle name? B-H

Does ANYONE know HOW to SPELL the MIDDLE name of our FAVORITE character, Mr Gefilte P. (is it: Presiple? ) Fish?

(I'd like to look it up in a dictionary!) Reply

ah california usa June 16, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

i think its perciple Reply

Moishy Goldstein Monsey, NY August 9, 2019

What happened to Ari? Anyway GET THE ITCHE KADOOZY BOOK!!! I LOVE IT! Reply

miky rimler florida August 9, 2020
in response to Moishy Goldstein:

really want is it just comics? or stories? it looked boring so boring so didn't think to look :) Reply

Anonymous April 17, 2019

Wow it actually is cool!! That G-fish is able to hug without arms and hands Reply

miyk rimler florida August 9, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

they probely have arms that they edit in the video so you can't see them.
this the hundredth time i am watching it its so good!!!!!!! Reply

baila brasil January 4, 2019


i loved it Reply

Naftali Strucks minnesota November 13, 2018

Wasome! But what happened to ari? And can you please put them all together into one movie? I would be first to buy it. The book is great! Reply

Dassi July 22, 2018

I love itche kadoozy Reply

Anonymous New York March 9, 2018

Just amazing!!! Reply

tzvi tiechtel tempe arizona May 22, 2017

i loooove itche kadoozy! even better than shmigefloglez!!!!!!!!!! Reply

miky rimler florida August 9, 2020
in response to tzvi tiechtel:

wat is shimgeflogez???????????
weard name hahahaha!!!!! Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order January 12, 2017

carrot. His carrot is his kippah. Reply

Chana Goldstein April 18, 2016

G-fish is very, very brave. Reply

mush head mushland February 2, 2016

can you make us see the last of him??
BTW i love it Reply

Harry Potter August 28, 2017
in response to mush head :

I hope so! I love G-fish! Reply

Anonymous louisville, ky October 2, 2015

i love it! this is a really good series! by the way Ari is there after the elevator. he is just behind everyone. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn March 28, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

yes thats because ari is the same puppet as the bad guy with the glasses. They can''t put poth in one scene because it's 1 not 2 puppets Reply

Anonymous May 13, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

They're in the same scene in #6 on the airplane Reply

Nosson labkovski February 15, 2015

Bad boy You are a bad boy g-fish Reply

Anonymous New York March 9, 2018
in response to Nosson labkovski:

He's so good. My favorite. Reply

Eli Noam Richter Teaneck, NJ September 29, 2014

Like the show! Always something new to learn and funny jokes Reply

Mushka Druk Cancun August 11, 2013

good lesson! Love it! And itche kadoozy has great lessons, can't wait for more shows. Reply

david cordoba, cordoba June 4, 2012

super great imagination Reply

Anonymous LA, CA May 18, 2012

Gefilte Fish finally learned! Reply