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Chapter 2: Limits

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Chapter 2: Limits

Hollywood Producer/Gefilte fish sends Jono, Itche, G-fish, and Ari Goldstein to China to find G-Fish's family. But will they get there?

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Levi PCB, FL February 2, 2023

if you have the IKS book you can see some of the script is missing by this video and a couple of other videos. stuff please fix that problem Reply

Me April 29, 2022

What does IKS stand for? Reply

Emily who asked YOU!! May 30, 2022
in response to Me:

Itche Kadoze Show Reply

Tzvi Lewis August 9, 2021

Shouldn't Larry come too? Reply

S B E Brooklyn July 2, 2021

OMG!!! Reply

Issic Bergstein November 29, 2020

Harvey wisefish 😂😂😂😂 Reply

Itche Kadoozi's biggest fan Silver Spring,MD March 29, 2020

Why are there lessons of both Pesach and Parsha? Reply

michelgottlieb Amherst June 24, 2019

Um, the only people who knew that they would stop in Egypt were the passengers themselves. How could someone else know that and be waiting for them there? They should have been waiting at the original destination, China. Reply

Gefilta P. Fish MD March 29, 2020
in response to michelgottlieb:

good point i thougt of that,but maybe the guy stopped the plane? Reply

Howard Cairo April 19, 2020
in response to michelgottlieb:

You can also ask why Egypt along their route? that question was never answered in the episode. Also, didn't Harvey weisfish buy their rights to their story for film adaption in exchange for sponsoring their quest? Perhaps Mr. Weisfish also bought prior to the flight's departure and then redirected the flight to Egypt but they only announced this when the flight was midair. Harvey did this in order to create a more interesting narrative for this movie. Reply

The answer guy AKA the danish boy July 13, 2023
in response to Howard:

Well did you guys notice how the pilot said they were purchased by a certain company the guy who was waiting for them probably works for the company that bought the plane which is how he knew they would be there (it also probably doesnt hurt that I watched the rest of the series a few times) Reply

Charlie April 14, 2018

like not even half the people here know how to spell? (I mean that in a good way because this website is attracting lots of kids) Reply

#1 fan December 26, 2016

how can that CIA guy be scared of the dark?
he is wearing sunglasses Reply

Racheli Perlov San Jose, CA February 25, 2018
in response to #1 fan:

Aoinswer! lol Because the sunglasses protects hi from hurting his eyes, soooooo... there is still light but in there the rock could have gotten there without someone pushing it and it would be pitch dark for him oooooorrrrrr... he is lying to make thm get into the pyramid which I think its goes that way.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Reply

Howard Cairo April 19, 2020
in response to #1 fan:

perhaps you didn't notice but that CIA guy (as you call him. I don't think he is CIA though) doesn't have eyes under the glasses. He must be blind and ashamed of that so he wears glasses to conceal this secret of his.
If I noticed this after only a few moments of watching this agent, Itche certainly noticed this after spending much more time with this agent. To avoid embarrassing this agent, itche and his companions didn't counter the agents claim that he is afraid of the dark Reply

itche kadozy rocks bonita CA January 17, 2023
in response to Racheli Perlov:

Even if he was wearing glasses he wont be scared of a little bit of dark like sunglasses Reply

Shimshon America June 16, 2022
in response to Howard:

.cool Reply

The answer guy July 13, 2023
in response to Howard:

I think the reason he doesn’t have eyes is because there is no need for him to have eyes since he’s a puppet with sunglasses Reply

eshter malka December 19, 2016

this video is really hilarious. so funny that i fell off my chair Reply

Luzer Hakeller L.A, U.S.A July 27, 2012

IT IS SO COOL AND FUNNY! Haloius! it is very funny when the rabbi says "egypt,wha..wait why are we flying over eygpt?!". Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia December 7, 2020
in response to Luzer Hakeller:

😂😂😂😂 Reply

Anonymous sdney, nsw September 15, 2010

limits its the best in the world Reply

CHAVI NEW YORK, U.S.A. November 19, 2009

raelly good that was grate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was the best Reply

totaly your bigest fan ever! port orchard, washington December 19, 2008

i love your show! ok i absolutaly love you show i think its wasome!!!!!:) thank you for teaching yonger children and me and my sisters the meaning of torah in a fun and wasome way thanks again for the inspiration of torah bye bye!! Reply

anonymous July 11, 2007

this show is the BEST!! i love all the details, and all those G-Fishes are so cute!!
keep up your great work! Reply

Daniel P. Boucher Newport, R.I June 14, 2007

Jonaten John so funny. I whant my mummy to get it mummy Reply

cute brooklyn, n.y. May 1, 2007

itche kaddozy Very cute things on this , but when is the next one coming out my kids love them!!!! Reply

Moishe Brooklyn, NY April 15, 2007

This video is very good for kids to watch so that they learn the importance of ''Chessed''. Reply

mm March 30, 2007

i want it longer but it was good Reply

Anonymous LA, Ca via March 29, 2007

when is the next one coming out?? this one was great and suspenceful! when is the next one coming out Reply

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