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Chapter 7: Action!

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Chapter 7: Action!

As Rabbi Kadoozy and friends reach the end of their quest, G-fish has second thoughts.

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Lol. Lolland. October 12, 2018

Ari is the same puppet as the bad guy with sunglasses LOL Reply

michelgottlieb Amherst June 24, 2019
in response to Lol.:

the nose is actually different and there is no goatee Reply

Anonymous August 20, 2016

by any chance is it possible to make the quest for fish with no adobe flash player because i don't have it. Reply

Anonymous bakersfield, california May 18, 2012

This IS awesome!! i love this! it makes me want to roll on the ground laughing! WHY ISN'T THERE ANY OTHER EPISODES LIKE THIS?!?! Reply

Alec Piotrowski Newburgh, New York via chabadorange.com January 23, 2008

Another Movie? That is an awesome movie but could u make another 1? Reply

Yermeya November 25, 2007

How Cool Is It? this is the best one.

P.S. (8 is good too) Reply

mendy lezak los angeles, california via chabadbw.com August 31, 2007

wow it is awesome i love itchy kadoozy it's so funny! Reply

Mirale Brooklyn, New York June 18, 2007

#7 is gr8 It is so far the best. Are you making more? Reply

SARA June 18, 2007


mendy cohen manchester, england via kids.tzivoshashem.org June 1, 2007

amazing it is absalutely amazing full of suspense!!!! Reply

zachary imagenaryworld May 22, 2007

I cant wait untill the next one how many more are there Reply

yitzchak monsey, new york May 22, 2007

cool I love iks but quest for fish is the coolest Reply

Pinchas Montreal, Canada May 21, 2007

I wonder what happens next!

fans May 21, 2007

The elevator is the 'isarusa milimala l'mata'- the 'wakening from above' after g-fish' personal work
we love IKS! Reply

Anonymous Myrtle Beach, SC May 21, 2007

that was great!!!!!
we're in suspense for the next one!!!!!!!

annonymous May 21, 2007

Wonderful! - I thougt they had ended at #6 but i guess they didnt because it's "to be continued".
- The scenery was really good! Nice job. Youre really talented, IKS people!
- I especially love the fact that you always tie the episodes in with the upcoming Yom Tov. I think it's brilliant!
- I loove IKS its my favorite on the whole internet! You're using your talents and the internet for teaching the world about Torah and spreading the light of Hashem into the world. No doubt your efforts will bring nachas to the Rebbe, Hashem, and will bring Moshiach Now! Amen!
- Keep it up! Reply

Anonymous buffalo, ny via kids.tzivoshashem.org May 20, 2007

going on IKS oncumputer how could a elevater go up a mountain?

p.s.when is #8 coming???? cant wait!!!!! Reply

Sheva May 20, 2007

Oh no the elevator is another trap!

Was raiders fo the lost ark this long too? lol
Its almost Shavouth! How will i stay focused until the next chapter? Reply

chaya brooklyn, N.Y. May 20, 2007

I love your shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous ny, ny May 20, 2007

its not... i don't think its a real elevator... i think it's a trap put by mr. jefrey mc-whatever Reply

g fish May 19, 2007

Are they going to get to the top of the mountain!!! Reply