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Chapter 6: Respect

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Chapter 6: Respect

Gefilte Fish is almost ready to meet his family, but will one more obstacle test the friendships of Rabbi Kadoozy and Friends?

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זלמן רמת בית שמש א May 22, 2020

THIS IS THE BEST תודה רבה Reply

michelgottlieb Amherst June 24, 2019

Wait a minute, the chicken suggested they camp out Reply

foodlover SNACKTOWN October 12, 2018

Last words of the show:

Jono: "does anyone have a pretzel?"


22229900 Silver Spring Maryland. October 11, 2018

Jono: "Rabbi, are you threatening us with a plauge?! c'mon, your supposed to be the grownup here."
How old is Ari??? Reply

b inside of a huge cup tower May 2, 2019
in response to 22229900:

that is a very intresting question. but itche is for sure way older then ari Reply

Anonymous September 16, 2015

i love iche kadoozy !! its so entertaining!! Reply

mordy brooklyn January 13, 2014

why are there no more itche kaddozy shows): waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh): Reply

anonymous place December 27, 2013

like it i love the part where g-fish says i im going to go outside to get some fresh air!! Reply

sailen davenport, florida October 18, 2012

amazing it's hilarious i mean you make such great shows it's hilarious how itche kadoozy knocks the pilot's thumbs up. Reply

mushky miami, florida March 21, 2010

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebthis one its my absolute favoite Reply

noah shafron dallas, texas May 7, 2009

itchie kadoozie this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny Reply

Anonymous October 17, 2008

that was realy nice i realy liked it a lot Reply

eli best englewood, new jersey December 12, 2007

it is great Reply

Avremele jerusalem May 23, 2007

itche kadoozee I like the video, it's funny. I like that Jono is funny. Make another one (number nine?!)
than you.
avrmele, age 8 Reply

shmuel May 16, 2007

your shows are fantastic or dramastic but one thing i do'nt understand is why the voices are diffrent? Reply

Sarah Highland Park, IL May 15, 2007

Respect for the Person I'm responding to how and whether we should show respect in all situations. How wonderful that your show inspires such discussions. My answer is that we show respect to the person. A person dear to me is having trouble finding an appropriate shul for her family. Without community, it's challenging for them to keep up various mitzvos. I don't need to compromise anything in order to respect someone's feelings and empathize with someone's issues. I also don't need to compromise anything in order to share the joy of mitzvos lovingly observed by many friends who call themselves by whatever label, and are devoted to the mitzvos of avoiding loshon hora, giving tzadakah, and engaging in countless acts of chessed. One mitzvah always leads to another mitzvah; it's not for me to weigh the importance of any given mitzvah over another, (they are all our Creators complete gift to us) and the mitzvah of love and respect for my fellow is basic to it all. Reply

mushki May 15, 2007

For DLN so who is it then? it must be him Reply

DLN Metairie, La May 14, 2007

mushkie the puppet behind the seat is not the danish boy. look at show one and show 6 and you'll see. Reply

Anonymous Denver, CO May 14, 2007

cartoon...part 7 Funny. Literate enough for adults, too!
But -- respect other people's opinions?
Does that mean Orthodox have to
respect the opinions of Coinservative,
Reform, Reconstructionist, and Secular
Jews?????????? Reply

Anonymous Chicago, IL May 14, 2007

Using words we can all understand I was reading a book in which the pros and cons of a para-"military" children's "army" for G-d, Tzivos HaShem, was discussed and how an army in which G-d is the Supreme Commander and each of us is a soldier for good is an appropriate metaphor/activity for us all. It made me think of your Quest for Fish in which there are the not-so-good guys and also not-so-good behaviors from our "good" guys too. The show presents concepts in a way we can all "get". I love the title: quest. G-fish's quest is all of our quest. It may sound weird for me to be writing so seriously about such an hysterically funny show but it's also profound. Many of your viewers have said as much in their comments. We're looking forward not only to the last 2 episodes of Quest (I assume Shavuous will be the end judging from what was said in Chapter 6) but also to all your future work. Reply

Anonymous myrtle beach, sc May 14, 2007

I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ican't wait till number 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply