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Positive Conclusions

Why answer the nations of the world’s criticism of Israel

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Positive Conclusions : Why answer the nations of the world’s criticism of Israel

The Torah concludes the book of Genesis with the death of Joseph and the fact that he was interned - actually placed in the Nile - in Egypt. Yet we are enjoined by Torah to conclude a Torah subject on a positive note?! The answer sheds new light on both the end and beginning of the first book of the Torah. (Likutei Sichos vol. 30, talk 3)
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Mission in Life, A Person's, Israel, Genesis, Vayechi

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Rabbi New January 16, 2017

Hi Sara,
The world - people - respond to the truth. The reason is because everything is created by Hashem, and He is the ultimate truth. So when we live and proclaim it, all opposition is bound to melt. The facts are that the world only respects us when we respect ourselves. The truth.
I have written an editorial on this. If you like I will send it to you.
Good Shabbos and thanks for writing. Reply

Sara G. Sudbury January 11, 2017

And what do we say to the 70 nations convening in France? Dear Rabbi New,
Your shiur is so extremely important. We are indeed faced with "the time has come." While I understand your analysis, I'm still wondering how we actualize our response in this very (dark) time. It doesn't seem that "the 70" are in any way concerned with the fact that we are meant to build a "dirah b'tachtonis." What should our response be to this heinous convocation?
Thank you for your shiurim. I am a longtime "fan." Reply

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