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Reclining as Remembrance

Reclining at the Seder, Part 3

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Reclining as Remembrance: Reclining at the Seder, Part 3

The Rebbe's gloss as a redefinition of "he'seibah," explaining why it isn't practiced by women
The Rebbe's Haggadah section 93  
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Reclining, Haggadah

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Isser Zalman Lakewood May 4, 2016

To the first Anonymous,
I checked the Halichos Shloma (in my edition page 235 note 131) there it is it brought from the son of Rav Shloma Zalman, Rav Avrohom Dov Shlita, Rov of Teverya. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Reply

Anonymous April 27, 2016

To Rav Weisberg I recall hearing or reading the reasoning you quote in your comment from RNG from Rav Shlomo Zalman Eurbach Zt"l, check in the Halichos Shlomo or Shalmei Moed where there maybe added explanation. Reply

Isser Zalman Lakewood April 26, 2016

אשה חשובה cont. However I find RNG's suggestion problematic. The Beis Yosef also quotes the Mordechai that "All our woman are chashuvos", even though the Sfardim did not accept the Cherem. In fact till today many Sfardic woman are maisiv. Another suggestion I saw suggested that has to do with the increase of woman earning incomes in the High Middle Ages. Reply

Isser Zalman Lakewood April 26, 2016

אשה חשובה To Anonymous from Chicago,
The Magid Mishneh suggests 3 possible interpretations for אשה חשובה. However non of them would work with the assertion by the Mordechai and the ruling of the Ramoh, that "All our woman are Chashuvos". So I was seeking other possibilities. However your point is quite valid, i.e. that it does not fit well with the wording. RNG suggested to me that it has to do with the Cherem D'Rabbeinu Gershom. Once it was forbidden to marry a second wife, the first and only wife became more choshuv. That is why the Ashkinazi rishonim suggested this change, not the Sfardi ones. Any other suggestions? Reply

Anonymous chicago April 22, 2016

very nice, so clearly presented, so brilliantly put together, and so well sourced!
if אשה חשובה means that they had long dresses why is the לשון that in our times all women are חשובות not that now all women are a costume to long dresses? its not that they became חשובות? Reply

Tzvi Freeman April 21, 2016

Enjoyed immensely. Yashar Koach, Reb Isser Zalman! M'suder, m'vuar u'v'hata'ama! Reply

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