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Stages of Redemption in “Hei Lachma Anya”

An analysis of the opening passage of the Haggadah

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Stages of Redemption in “Hei Lachma Anya”: An analysis of the opening passage of the Haggadah

Exploring the rebbe's gloss alongside other commentaries on the last part of hei-lachma-anya, which seems to state the same theme of yearning for redemption twice.
Haggadah Hei-Lachma-Anya leshana-habaah  
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Anonymous April 27, 2016

Thanks for the Very Geshmake Shiurim! One small point you said that the accepted view is that of the Rambam that b'pashtus the wars of Gog Umagog will take place only after Moshiach's arrival.
Two interesting references 1) Shu"t Chassam Sofer Vol 6 Siman 98 ואימתי
יהיה מלחמות גוג ומגוג - יהיה בתחילת ימות המשיח, ולא ידענו אם יהיו באותו יום עצמו... או אפשר שימלוך משיח זמן מה, ואח"כ יהיה מלחמות גוג ומגוג... וכן ס"ל לרמב"ם".
2) Malbim Yechezkal 39, 8 כי את המועד המדוייק של מלחמת גוג ומגוג לא הודיע ה' לשום נביא וחוזה, ולבא לפומא לא גליא, והרי הוא סתום וחתום

From these two sources we see that lav davka was the Rambam's view accepted universally. Reply

Anonymous April 27, 2016

Thanks You R' Weisberg for the well presented and interesting shiurim! One small point of curiosity, Why would being in Eretz Yisroel alone be something of such anticipation and prayer, for the way Gog Umagog is described in Zacharia Perek 14, seems like the 3rd time gog will wage war on yerushalaim (according to Chazal) will be an extremely devastating time for the jews, all the houses will be destroyed etc.
One can maybe say that our prayers are for Kibbutz Goliyus which is also very connected to Teshuva of the jewish nation before Moshiach's arrival, for moshiach won't be able to do the job of "lokuf kol yisroel" when the jews are still assimilated around the world, and once klal yisroel does Teshuva, we know that the arrival of Moshiach is imminent and there is no chance for our enemy to succeed Reply

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