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Tribute to R’ Mordechai Berger, of blessed memory

A memorial evening marking the 30th day from passing

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Tribute to R’ Mordechai Berger, of blessed memory: A memorial evening marking the 30th day from passing

In Ottawa, Canada, community leaders, dignitaries, family and friends join to pay tribute to Rabbi Mordechai Berger of blessed memory. Keynote speaker: Rabbi Yossi Jacobson. Program includes completing the Mishnah, starting the writing of a new Torah Scroll, launch of a new learning institute and a video presentation.
Shloshim, Loss, Mourning & Consolation

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Anonymous Toronto September 18, 2017

On the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Motty Berger -

Words cannot express our hakaras hatov to Rabbi Mordechai Berger z”l and his eishes chayil, Chaya Leah amu”sh. As shlichim in Ottawa, they mekareved our young family and many other families, as well. Everything they did was with chain.
Frumkeit has brought us meaning, direction, and happiness beyond measure.
May our merits be accredited to the Berger family, as well as to the other Ottawa shlichim, who sacrificed their time and ko’ach in order to benefit us. Reply

Soheil 90212 November 19, 2013

R.I.P He was my teacher, he was such a nice person. Reply

a niece October 10, 2013

Chaya Leah You are a queen, arichus yomim veshonim tovos!
Moshiach NOW! Reply

Anonymous October 9, 2013

Very touching. I am among those living in distant countries (Australia) who would not be able to view this special video if not for the tireless work of the staff at
Very moving. The pride and love between the children speaks volumes...
I was once in Ottawa briefly and both Rabbi and Mrs. Berger were most warm and friendly. Reply

Rabbi Yossi and Elisheva Korf Hollywood , florida October 6, 2013

What a beautiful and touching tribute, Moshiach Now! Reply

Rabbi Yanky Berger Sydney October 6, 2013

thank you A sincere thank you to for hosting live this event. I know many people from everywhere who have been watching it. On a personal note, living in Sydney makes it difficult to travel back often as in this case today. So thank you for enabling this live viewing.

Anonymous October 6, 2013

Sorry So sorry for your loss. From Australia. Reply

Rifka Mendelsohn North Miami Beach October 6, 2013

What a meaningful and beautiful tribute! Vhachai yetain el libo!
Shmuel and Rifka Mendelsohn Reply

Anonymous October 6, 2013

berger Thank you for setting this up so we can continue to be inspired. Reply

Berger Sydney October 6, 2013

volume much better Thank you and thank you for hosting this. Reply Staff via October 6, 2013

Audio The Audio is back to normal now. Reply Staff via October 6, 2013

Volume Our apologies, we are working on fixing the volume. For the time being you can set your volume to the highest setting. Reply

Anonymous Ottawa October 6, 2013

Can't hear a thing. Reply

Anonymous October 6, 2013

The volume is very low. Reply

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