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Talmud Study - Lesson 1

An Introduction to Talmud


Talmud Study - Lesson 1: An Introduction to Talmud

This introductory class to Talmud explores the rich history of the Oral Tradition, explains the structure of the Talmud, introduces some of its famed personalities and presents the layout of the Talmud page.
Timeline from the Giving of the Torah, Map of Babylonia, Six Orders of the Mishnah, Sample Talmud Page Layout
The Oral Law, Introduction to Mishnah
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Talmud, Tractate Bava Metziah, Oral Torah

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Anonymous Charlottesviklke, VA, USA May 6, 2018

Rabbi Wolf teaching Talmud for Beginners is fantastic. Reply

Alice Baertsch Luzern via March 22, 2018

Shalom Rebbe. I am just a beginner in the Talmud studies. I like your first lession and explanation very much. You speak very clearly and I am glad I have found your shiur even for free on the internet. Thank you very much. I am looking very much forward to listening to the following lessions. Reply

Aaron March 11, 2018

Thank you Rabbi, thank you to everyone who has helped produce this. Reply

Vered Sandy, Utah December 3, 2017

I am loving these lectures so much, I can't get enough. Keep em coming. Reply

Jenifer Nech houston October 6, 2017

I am back again. Your class is so good and you are very engaging via video. Keep me studying . Reply

Debbie Tankelson Myers Zelda Brocha Mequon WI August 16, 2017

Very wonderful class! Rabbi is very clear when he speaks and is obviously very well learned!!!! Reply

Anonymous Phoenix July 12, 2017

Very Good! Accept I would of loved to hear what you had to say on the second temple period Reply

Bev July 11, 2017

So far, so good, very professional, a good start. I am taking notes and will pass this info on to young people when they need a little guidance. Reply

Jenifer Nech Houston USA February 28, 2017

Rebbe Eliezer Wolf. So happy I found this course. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching us Talmud online so we can more easily study Torah! Yes also thank you for reminding us that the Torah is for all of us. Reply

Dr. David Weyauwega February 23, 2017

I don't believe living in Israel will help you understand Torah any better than any place in the world. Can you back that up in Scripture? Reply

anna w. brooklyn, ny February 21, 2017

Talmud for beginners course Rabbi Eliezer thank you so much for sharing and teaching us Talmud. Great presentation and materials. Your online class encourages me to start learning again :) Todah Raba Reply

Anonymous Ny May 5, 2016

This is great thank you When you going to put the rest up help please Reply

Martina Rieffer Arizona, USA February 13, 2016

Intro to Talmud Rabbi Wolf. This is absolutely fabulous. Looking so forward to every lesson.
Thank you. Reply

Stephen December 16, 2015

Thank you for this video. I look forward to learning more about Torah and the Talmud. Reply

Hannah Whiddon Arizona November 24, 2015

Wonderful Thank you for taking the time to instruct us in this very important subject. I am looking forward to every lesson, what a joy to learn the Talmud. Reply

Snjezana Snjezana Zurich October 12, 2015

Amazing lecture Toda rabba for this lively, simple and beautiful as the ocean explanation of Talmud. I am a goya (married to a Jew) and I am learning about judaism for the last several years. I loved your finishing "responsibility" --- it is Hashems will that after all prosecution from Babylonian times and even in todays world, Judaism has sustained so strong and present. The sages and teachings made it survive all of it. Will follow other of your studies. Really like your way of teaching.
Baruch Hashem Reply

Anonymous San Francisco January 25, 2015

Helpful I really appreciate the learning and the information as a beginner of having knowledge of the Talmud; it helps me with me with my Jewish education greatly. Straightforward and simple. Reply

Dorothy Newcome Santa Fe, TN January 14, 2015

Introduction to the Talmud Shalom, Rebbe Eliezer Wolf. I have been listening to your Introduction to the Talmud. Lessons on the Jewish TV app. Where can we go to download and print off the outlines you discussioned at the beginning of Lesson 1? I would like to have them please. Thank you. Reply

Harriet Radetsky OVERLAND PARK December 20, 2014

Talmud Study Lesson 1 Wonderful. Clear and interesting even for a beginner.

Harriet Reply

Joezer singapore December 19, 2014

wonderful.... excellent simple presentation. Reply

These Talmud classes will be studying and analyzing the third chapter of tractate Bava Metzia, which presents the Jewish approach in many matters of civil law, particularly vis-à-vis the different degrees of liability assumed by guardians, renters and borrowers.
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