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By the Numbers
Thirteen Kabbalistic Teachings on Men and Women

Each man stands between two females: the corporeal woman below to whom he must provide sustenance and affection; and the Shechinah which stands over him to bless him with these so that he may turn around and provide them to the woman of his covenant
10 Ways to Celebrate 10 Shevat
Looking for ways to channel this day’s inspiration into your life? Here are our suggestions.
10 Questions: Take the Month of Shevat Quiz

How much do you know about the month of Shevat? Take the quiz to find out!
Can You Be Righteous?

Our world needs more righteous people or, at least, more righteous acts.
What Happened at Marah?

Following the Parting of the Sea, Moses sweetened water for the people to drink, and they were given some of the first mitzvahs. Or were they?
Seeing Is Believing?

When you witness the miracle of creation with your own eyes, faith is unnecessary. Or, is it?
Hakhel Resources
Monthly Hakhel Program Download
This month we are hosting farbrengens! This download tells you how to prepare, what to expect, and even provides stories and Torah thoughts to share.
For Your Beshalach Study Group (PDF)
This weekly study packet is part of “Be a Leader” initiative. Print it out and learn it with your study group.
A Transatlantic Call For Prayer

When the mayor of Chicago was shot, his family reached out across the Atlantic for prayer and blessings.
The Keepsake: My Elderly Neighbor’s Frying Pan

“I want you to have this. I won’t be needing it anymore,” she said.
The Smile and Strength of Shaina Charitonow

As pious and devout as she was, she had an impish sense of humor and would stop at nothing to bring joy to others.
The Happiest Time of My Life: Facing a Life-Threatening Diagnosis

“Joy breaks all bounds,” I would repeat to my husband.
“We Will Be As Dreamers”

Today we live inside a dream. In time, everything will be possible. We will be free.
Date & Walnut Rugelach

You are children of the L-rd, your G-d
— Deuteronomy 14:1
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Rabbi Alexandri said, “Master of the Universe! It’s obvious to You that we want to do what You want done. So what is holding us back? The yeast in the dough!” (Talmud, Berachot 17a)

What is so terrible about chametz, that once a year, for the Festival of Freedom, we must search, burn and destroy any trace of it in our...