When G‑d will take back the exile of Zion, we will be as dreamers. (Psalms 126:1)

In a dream, opposites stand together in a single moment–hot and cold, dark and light, past and future, far and close.

And that is okay, because it is a dream, a state of absurdities. Nothing needs to make any sense, because there is no sense.

Today we live inside a dream.

The most rational amongst us support the most bizarre notions; the greatest good is found in the most violent and corrupt of places, while in the most moral of places is found the most despicable evils; where there is wisdom, foolishness abounds, and where there is ignorance, wisdom flourishes; the wicked rule, the righteous suffer, and justice flees like a timid bird.

And that is okay. Hardly anyone stands up and screams, “We’re all insane! This world makes no sense!”

Because it is a dream. Everyone understands–it’s not supposed to make sense.

There will come a time very soon when all the Jewish people will return in peace from wherever they are scattered to dwell upon their land. A time of harmony between all peoples, of wisdom for all humankind.

At that time, will we leave behind the dream?

No, writes the psalmist. We will know that we are all dreamers.

Because, in truth, it is good to dream.

While awake, the constraints of intelligence and reason obstruct the brilliance of your soul.

But in a dream, you refresh contact with your very essence-core, a place from which all the diverse opposites that make you human emerge.

From there, you draw life. Anything becomes possible. You are set free.

So too with the reality in which we live today.

Time itself moves every moment closer to its innermost essence. Only because we do not have the tools to interpret this cosmic mega-dream, does it play itself out as a messy, absurd, nasty world.

We are captives of the dream, slaves to its absurdities. In the face of its brilliance, we close tight our eyes.

But in that time soon to come, we will all be as Joseph. We will interpret the dream and make order of it, grasp that place beyond reason, the very core of reality that shines now, and from its depth sew together a world where all these opposites dwell in colorful harmony.

Everything will be possible. We will be free.

Torah Ohr, Vayeishev 28d.