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Questions and Answers on Prayer

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Does G-d Ignore My Prayers?
Can I believe in the power of prayer when, in my experience, it hasn’t worked?
Why Wear Both a Kippah and a Hat?
Why do I see Jews wearing a hat in addition to their kipah when they pray?
Is G-d Needy? He Expects Us to Pray 3 Times Daily!
Does G‑d have such an ego problem that He demands His creations to constantly pray to him, telling Him how great He is? Not to mention all the blessings every time we eat something, go to the bathroom, wash for bread, light Shabbat candles . . .
I noticed a footnote in my prayer book telling me to recite a verse corresponding to my name. Can you explain what this is about?
If G-d Knows Best, What's the Point of Prayer?
Think of prayer as G-d talking to Himself -- through you
Why Pray If Everything G-d Does Is Good?
Don’t we trust that G‑d knows what’s best for us and does only good for us? Aren’t we lacking in our trust and faith if we pray to G‑d to change what is?
I Feel Like a Hypocrite!
How can I exclaim, “love G-d with all your heart” when I don’t really feel that way?
Can a Sinner Pray to G-d?
Even at the time you are committing the worst crime, your soul remains faithful to her Beloved Above.
What’s the Point of Saying Words?
He told my friend, "That's okay. Just put on your tefillin and explain to Him you are having difficulties connecting during prayer. Express your frustration. Tell Him just what you told me."
Must I pray in Hebrew?
All of the prayers in my synagogue are in Hebrew, and I don't understand a word of what we're saying. Should I better read the Hebrew which I don't understand, or the English which I do understand?
Where did all our prayers go?
I was praying for Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg and all the other Jewish people in Mumbai asking for G‑d to help them. Why didn't He listen to me and the many others who prayed to him and asked for their lives to be saved?
Women in the Synagogue
An Answer to the Controversy
The issue is even more baffling than you think. Most of the guidelines for prayer, we learned from a lady named Chana who lived about 3000 years ago. Yet all the dominant roles in communal prayer are given to men!
Why Pray at the Western Wall?
What you’re really asking is: If G‑d is everywhere, why should prayer be more effective in one place than another? In truth, the same can be asked regarding praying in a synagogue vs. praying at home . . .
I’m struggling with my prayers. Just not in the mood...
I find it difficult to motivate myself to pray properly. I just don't find myself in the mood. What do you suggest I do to get back in the game?
Is there a prayer for lost objects?
There is indeed a traditional prayer and procedure to be followed when seeking G‑d's assistance in retrieving a lost object...
What prayer do I say before taking a major exam?
An appropriate prayer before a major exam would be something along the lines of, "G‑d, please help me pass this exam."
Which Psalms should I recite to help me sell my home?
I am in the process of selling my house and would like to recite pray to G‑d to expeditiously facilitate the process. I figure that Psalms are the way to go...
Shuckling: Why Do Jews Rock While Praying?
The Swaying Candle
When we praise G‑d, we do so with all of our being: the mind, heart, and mouth express the prayer through speech, and the rest of the body does so by moving.
Is there a prayer recited when lighting a Yahrtzeit candle?
There are those who say the following words while lighting the candle:...
How Can I Get My Kids to Pray?
Letting them see how important prayer is to you – and that you're excited to pray – is the strongest message that you can send them. Pray together with your children!
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