I prayed to G‑d to lose weight, why am I not a size 2?


G‑d listens to every prayer and He responds to every prayer. The beauty of His method is that He allows us room to grow. He never takes away our free choice. He gives us space — space to accomplish things on our own. We have the space to take ownership of our own little world.

When you pray to G‑d, don’t pray to Him to make you a size 2. He’s not going to do that, although He can. Pray to Him for the strength and inspiration to make the right choices.

We’re not spoiled children to make a mess then walk away and leave it for others to clean up. If that were the case, we’d all overeat, then ask G‑d to make us thin again. When would we learn healthy habits?

So be happy that G‑d doesn’t give you off the bat everything you ask for. Be happy that He gives you a life to live as your own person, with your own accomplishments, your own way of doing things and your own size that’s right for you.

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