I am in the process of selling my house and would like to recite pray to G‑d to expeditiously facilitate the process. I figure that Psalms are the way to go. Can you please advise me on which Psalms to recite, and when to recite them?


Selling a home can be challenging at times. My wishes for the best of luck on the sale of your house and the impending move. May this change bring you only good mazal and blessings.

Psalms is a very powerful prayer medium. Every chapter is appropriate for whatever one wishes. Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (1789-1866) once said that if we only knew the power of Psalms, how its words breaks through all barriers and ascend unimpeded to the Heavenly Throne, we would be saying Psalms all day!

One may say Psalms anytime throughout the day until nightfall. An especially appropriate time to say Psalms is immediately after the morning prayers. In fact, it is customary at that time to say the "Psalms of the day" (the book is subdivided into thirty parts, one for each day of the Jewish calendar month). In many synagogues this is actually part of the prayer with a kaddish being recited at the conclusion of the recitation of the daily Psalms.

Click here to find the chapters of Psalms to be recited on any particular day.

One more suggestion: Give charity on a daily basis, particularly before your morning prayers. It would be very apropos for you to place a charity box in the house you are trying to sell; perhaps even attaching it to one of the walls. Doing so will make the entire home a "house of charity." And don't forget to do the same when with G‑d's help you move in to your new abode...

Once again, best of luck on the sale of the home. All the best,

Rabbi Shmuel Kogan