This Is What It’s Like to Be a Jew at UCLA
Amidst hostility on campus, a Jewish student finds solace and strength at Chabad.
Chabad at the University of Chicago stands strong in challenging times.
When a Young Hero Dies
There are long lives with little meaning. And there are short lives that never cease to shine.
How Did Academia Fail So Badly?
Lurking beneath a scholar’s cloak on our best college campuses, the same raw hatred that Hitler’s professors rationalized persists. This time, sane academics must speak up and take action.
How Our Children's Home in Ukraine Was Uprooted Again by War in Israel
Kids who escaped Zhytomyr for Ashkelon relocated to Kfar Chabad
A Chaplain’s Gaza Notebook
Morale is high. Our troops are motivated to root out evil and are not afraid to do what it takes to secure the safety of their country.
16 Million Jews Waiting for Marching Orders
Let’s Not Forfeit a Historic Opportunity
Uplift! Messages of Direction and Hope
Draw strength by coming together for an uplifting evening filled with hope, unity, and support.
Names of the Hostages in Gaza for Prayer
A list of names compiled from various published sources
It’s Idol Smashing Season
Since the Simchat Torah massacre, I see many people having second thoughts about things they used to hold in high regard—idols of sorts.
The Torah grants Israel to the Jews and obligates them to protect her people
7 Things You Can Do for Israel Now
Help by taking an action from this list, and by sharing it with family, friends and colleagues
Israel at War: The Latest News & Coverage
Follow our coverage of the war here
Donate to the Israel Emergency Relief Fund
We must act now to help our brothers and sisters!
Psalms for Times of Distress
"...if we only knew the power of verses of Psalms and their effect in the spiritual realms, we would recite them constantly." – The Tzemach Tzedek
Light for Israel
Global Campaign to Light Shabbat Candles in Support of Israel
I Left the Israel March With an Empty Backpack and a Full Heart
There was a sense of an innate connection. We were bound and connected by 3,300 years of history and a Divine mission to bring light to the world.
Yagil’s Tefillin Waited While He Was a Hostage In Gaza
While he was held by terrorists in Gaza, his mother refused to cancel the tefillin ordered for his bar mitzvah.
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