Jewish women and girls!
The world needs your light!
Over the past few days, the world witnessed extreme tragic darkness. Thousands of Jews murdered, injured and kidnapped; families torn apart; the entire Jewish world is in deep pain.
You have the power to add light to this great darkness.
When you light the Shabbat candles, you add both physical and spiritual light to the world. And we all know that the world really needs it now more than ever!
The brave IDF soldiers need your light.
The injured need your light.
The hostages need your light.
The victims need your light.
The world needs your light!
Light Shabbat candles this Friday (and every Friday!). If you already light on a regular basis, put a few coins to charity before lighting, and encourage your friends to light as well.
Look up candle lighting times for your city or download our free Shabbat times app