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First Person

My Neighbors Were Murdered . . .
The Fogels of Itamar
At 2 AM, my husband jumps out of bed. My oldest daughter is calling him. Soldiers are at the door. “Is everything O.K.?” I call out sleepily.
A Visit to Hebron
This is where G‑d appeared to Abraham. This is where the covenant of circumcision was struck. It was here that monotheism burst upon world consciousness. It was here that Judaism was born...
Flying West
The center is not our creation, but the circle is. The paradox today is this: one cannot create a circle without a firm center, yet the center is invisible until we create our circle
Coming Home to Jerusalem
Ancient Stones and a New Start
We have traversed three continents. Twenty-five hours of flight, and twenty-five hundred years of yearning. We have arrived home with our family. Jet lagged and disoriented but so grateful to have arrived safely in the Land of our forefathers...
Faces of a Nation
These are the faces of a nation, comprised of opinions and moods, attitudes and deep feelings. Each person is absorbed in the narrative of his own life, yet somehow, in some omnipotent way, I attempt to find myself in their story, to recognize our similar struggles...
Summer in Israel
"Our trip must go on," our tour guide Na'ama reminded us. "Like all Israelis, we'll continue to lead normal lives, in abnormal circumstances"
We're Home
From the moment that we stepped off the EL AL plane and took our first steps on Israeli soil, we felt that we arrived home to new beginnings...
Baring More Than Skin
Israel's Greatest Conflict
Israeli consular officials in New York have hired one of the most popular Men's magazines for the tricky task of revamping Israel's image...
Honoring the Dead
As Israel witnessed this inhumanity in disbelief, we knew that it would be our mission, as the IDF burial unit, to retrieve whatever we could, regardless of the risk involved...
Jerusalem of my Soul
A Song of Ascents
We had come to a slight clearing in the buildings. We could all see it ahead of us, cast in lights, calling to us...
Stones with a Soul
The Western Wall--Where the Soul is Always Whole
The Western Wall is a place of national nostalgia, a focal point for our collective pining over a lost glory. It is the symbol of our hopes for the future. But it’s also a symbol of what still exists...
The Jerusalem Paradox
I know enough about real estate to assume that if a country is a potential target of nuclear war, the real estate market in that location should be at an all-time low. Yet, once again, Jerusalem defies logical assumptions!
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