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Chabad and Israel

For hundreds of thousands of Israelis‑from the core of the country to the farthest reaches of its borders‑month by month, day by day, moment by moment‑the work of Chabad profoundly affects the very fabric of daily life in Israel.
Cornerstones - Israel
Chabad Lubavitch expansion in Israel
A glimpse at Lubavitch building projects in Israel. (excerpt)
Rabbi Arrested
The year: 1798. The person: a leading figure in the newly-established Chassidic movement. The crime: supporting Jewish settlement in the land of Israel
The Rebbe Who Saved a Village
For a while, it seemed that all was lost... then came a leader's bold response to the crippling tragedy
Editor's note: In light of the recent tragedy which struck the Chabad-Lubavitch community, we find the following account, penned more than fifty years ago, particularly poignant--and most relevant
A Visit to Hebron
This is where G‑d appeared to Abraham. This is where the covenant of circumcision was struck. It was here that monotheism burst upon world consciousness. It was here that Judaism was born...
Chabad-Lubavitch set up a community in the Holy Land as early as 1777. Israel has always been a central concern of Chabad-Lubavitch and its contemporary presence in Israel reflects that vital relationship.
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