If we did not believe that things make sense, we would not bother to talk about them. It's not just philosophy—it's plain old talk that is at stake. If we deny sense, we not only have no Posterior or Prior Analytics, we have no talk among friends and neighbors, between husband and wife, between parent and child.

Can we talk about everything? Certainly not at once. And really, not in a lifetime. The things we do not know and have not made sense of—we can't talk about!

As for G‑d—when we talk about G‑d, we do speak of Him as bringing things to be through speech. So we are saying that He does talk about them and make sense of them. And it would be be fair to our tradition to say that if we really wna to make sense of anything, we must go to how it is in G‑d, "foundation of all foundations and the pillar of all knowledge."

Of course, the sense that G‑d makes is not necessarily reducible to the terms of our grasp. Which means that we may need to ask Him to do the reducing.

And so the Rebbe said with respect to the Holocaust—it is G‑d's job to make it understandable to us. It would take the world of Moshiach for that—and that is what we have to make clear is what we need and require.