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Does Everything Have To Make Sense?

And if they don't, how are we supposed to know what to do?

If everything does have to make sense, what’s the criteria for making sense? And if some things don’t have to make sense, how’s human being supposed to know what’s right and what’s wrong?

Answer #1
"Everything" probably means everything physical, rather than everything physical and spiritual. Nobody would say that we understand everything in the spiritual.
Answer #2
Something “makes sense” only in the context of what is known and familiar to us. Television, for example, makes sense to us because we have all grown up with it...
Answer #3
Who spilled the coffee? Let's say I spilled the coffee. Why did I spill it? Maybe I am clumsy. Maybe that is from my heredity and environment, which comes from G_d...
Answer #4
We all try to make sense of things around us. Making sense of new experience entails relating it to one or more familiar experiences stored in our memory...
Answer #5
If we did not believe that things make sense, we would not bother to talk about them. It’s not just philosophy—it’s plain old talk that is at stake...
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