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Tikkun Olam

Why we were born into a broken world and what we are to do about it.

Tikkun Olam is a profound Jewish concept, the place where mysticism meets activism.

What Is Tikkun Olam?
What does Tikkun Olam mean, who came up with it, and how do I do it?
Tikkun Olam: In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created.
Tikkun Olam: A Brief History
Beyond Repair
Simple language is always best. Tikkun means "fixing up."
Who Came Up With Tikkun Olam?
Don’t surrender. Don’t escape. Fix the world.
From the soon-to-be-released book “Wisdom to Fix the Earth”
Is Social Activism Destroying American Judaism?
Tikkun Olam, For Real
What’s needed is an ideology that explains why raising a Jewish family is just as crucial to tikkun olam as your contribution to society at large.
6 Myths and Facts About Tikkun Olam
Tikkun Olam means healing, improving and perfecting the world. The notion has hit a wave of controversy lately. So here’s a few major points to clear up.
The Seventh Generation
From the Upcoming Book, "Wisdom to Heal the Earth"
By the seventh generation of Chabad, the walls separating the Jew from the rest of the world had all come tumbling down.
Fallen Sparks
The very core of reality is G-d’s shattered dream, waiting for us to pick up the pieces.
The Shechina
Exile of the Shechinah and descent of the soul
The feminine side of G-d, and the struggle for reunion.
Who Will Fix the World?
From the book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
Where the real world happens, from there is its tikun. The salesperson, the school teacher, the business executive, the manufacturer…
There is a desire that lies at the very core of all being. That desire chose you.
Where we're coming from, where we're going, and how we're getting there—real soon.
Inner Wisdom
From the book, “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
The Kabbalah of Investment
From the book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
The best way to understand investment is by looking at the archetype of all investment. And that is life.
Who Turned Off the Lights?
The radical reversal we call world
The little child jumping rope outside, the construction worker drilling steel girders, the ocean’s roar and the big blue sky will all speak of the oneness that breathes within all of them, without the need to sit and ponder. It will be the foreground experience. Because that is what they all truly are.
Darkness Speaks
From the book, “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
At the outset of Creation, He removed all light. And that is the source of all that ever goes wrong.
Beyond Intelligent Design
From the book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
We dwell within a living work of art, perhaps a symphony, or perhaps a dance, of uncountable parts. If we look with open eyes, we will discover the signature of an unknowable Creator within the knowable patterns of nature.
The Mad Psychology of Electronic Gaming
How an obsessed gamer taught me the meaning of life.
“And just how,” I asked Dave, “would you render your characters unpredictable? Whatever random functions you write, at the end of the day, you have control.”
Why the World Needs Its Soul
Modernity is precarious. Our soul believes life has purpose and meaning, while our brains consider our bodies to be no more than walking water bottles of biochemical reactions.
Healing Begins at Home
from the book ”Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
If you don’t know why you’re here, sometimes all you can see is dirt. But once you know your mission, all you see is diamonds.
Am I Responsible For the Entire World?
from the upcoming book ”Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
Think of yourself. As far as you are concerned, if you are gone, everything is gone. And the same applies for every other person on this planet.
Should I Heal the Planet or Help My Community?
What’s my role in life? Is it to “slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet,” or is it to help my own family and community?
Tikkun Olam: The Rest of the Story
Tikun olam – perfecting the world – is a catch phrase in some Jewish circles. How does Torah interpret it?
Tikkun Olam and the Secret of Tzimtzum
The ultimate explanation to why things are so messed up—and what we are supposed to do about it
Before, it was impossible to imagine a world. Now it is impossible to imagine anything but world.
Why Do Great Things Happen To Rotten People?
A simple answer to an old question.
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
A Quiet Gift to the Next Generation
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