How do you make money?

As any successful businessperson will tell you, it’s all about connections. You put things together. Or people together. Or people and things together. And somehow, you’ve created more value in the world. Since you created it, you get a chunk of that value, often in the form of money.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Something out of nothing. Now, how does that work?

It works because at its origin, our entire world is one big thought. Not just a mass. Or an energy field. But a thought. That thought was too great for any universe to contain, so it exploded into countless scattered parts that comprise the world in which we live.

We human beings come to the world with a faint memory of that primordial thought. That’s why we have a knack for seeing how those parts fit back together. When they do fit together, the world gets closer to that original thought—and that’s why more value appears.

That’s why any business that creates real value is a divine calling—because it’s fixing up the world. And that’s why we see that honest, value-based business is responsible—more than any other venture—for increasing peace, health, education, comfort and general wellbeing throughout the world.

There’s another step after these pieces are put together: We have to find deeper meaning in those value-creating ventures. We also have to use the money we create and the opportunities afforded us for higher purposes. Acts of kindness and compassion, wisdom and meaning. That way we draw out the light our world holds deep inside—the light of that primordial thought.

That original thought exploded by design. The universe was never meant to be a top-down job. The thought was only the beginning—its fulfillment lies in our hands. Because the only receptacle for divine light, our sages say, is harmony and peace—and that can be created only from the bottom up. It’s only when we citizens of this universe do the work, putting the pieces together ourselves, that our world can contain even an infinite light.

And that’s just around the corner right now.