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Business & Finance

The Value of Doing Business
How making money can fix the world
A human being is a creature that looks at what is and sees the value of what could be. But how does this creature know? And from where does this new value come?
Radically Jewish Business Ethics
In the wake of the latest business scandals in the news, let's go ahead and ask the real question that sits in the back of the head of every businessman with a conscience: Is business inherently at odds with ethics?
Are Jews Allowed to Steal?
The predictable stereotypes involving Jews and money are popping up all over: that Jewish tradition allows dishonesty as long as people live otherwise pious lives. Nothing could be further from the truth...
Religious Jews Don't Launder Money
Why would a Jew who would never consider eating pork or turning on a light on Shabbat consider swindling the government? After all, the same Torah has determined both to be absolutely forbidden.
Can I Stop a Co-Worker from Smoking in the Office?
There is a chain smoker who sits near me in the new office. According to Jewish law, am I allowed to ask him to stop smoking?
Loan to Someone Who Cannot Repay?
A friend of mine who is known to burn money and not repay loans is continuously asking me for a loan. I have heard that one should always give a loan when asked. Should I be giving him a loan?
I Quit My Unethical Job
Part of my duties was to copy and paste articles from various websites for a weekly bulletin. The CEO wants me to make as if he himself wrote all the articles. I felt that every time I sent out the mass emailing I was committing a crime. I left the position. Was I right?
10 Things Your Orthodox Jewish Coworker Wishes You Knew
If there is something I do that’s strange, or something you read about in the news that you don’t quite understand, just ask me.