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Medical Ethics

I Had an Abortion and Regret It
Is Guilt Good?
I know that I can't reverse what I have done, but is there some way to alleviate my burden? Or must I resign myself to carrying the guilt with me all my life?
Does Jewish Law Allow a Nurse to Treat an Ebola Patient?
Am I permitted to put my life in danger to save another?
The Jewish Ethics of Medical Confidentiality
How does Jewish law approach this topic? What are the expectations, and in what circumstances can confidentiality be overridden?
Patient Autonomy & Right to Refuse Treatment in Jewish Law
The patient adamantly refuses treatment, preferring to die. Would halachah sanction his request?
Is Risky or Experimental Medical Treatment Kosher?
A patient has advanced metastatic cancer and the doctors believe she will succumb. There is one new experimental treatment which may possibly reverse the disease, but the treatment is dangerous, and if it does not succeed it will kill her.
Can I Use Vaccines Made From Fetal Tissue or Non-Kosher Animals?
We will start off with the question of non-kosher ingredients and work our way to vaccine made with fetal tissue.