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Everyday Dilemmas

May I Peek Through Someone’s Window?
I have this great new pair of binoculars, and it’s extremely tempting to have a good look into my neighbors’ houses...
How to Intervene When You Witness a Wrong
If your intervention will not help solve the problem, and possibly will even exacerbate it, do you intervene? If you are not positive that a crime has been committed, can you pass judgment? Can you act based on your “sense” that there is a serious problem?
Is Turning the Other Cheek a Jewish Value?
I have been under the impression that “turning the other cheek” to your enemies is not a Jewish approach. But recently a friend pointed out the verse in Lamentations (3:30), “Let him offer his cheek to his smiter; let him be filled with reproach.”
I Have No Time to Help Others
I know that it is important to help others, but I cannot seem to find time. How can I help people when I’m so busy?!
Should I Serve G-d With Marijuana?
I was wondering how the Jewish, and especially chassidic, mystical teachings would regard marijuana as a way of getting closer to G‑d.
How Should I Rebuke Him?
There is one person in my synagogue whom I feel the need to rebuke. Are there any sources in Jewish law that I can show him to convince him that his behavior is inappropriate?
Are You Jealous?
A Talmudic Antidote for Envy
Jealousy cannot just be eradicated. It needs to be supplanted with a positive antidote...
Why Honor the Rich?
I am nauseated by the way the Jewish community honors rich people. Every corner of my synagogue has some plaque in the name of some major donor. If I'm not mistaken, the hand dryer in the men's room is in honor of the ____ family...
How Do We Know Whom To Believe?
When we find a teacher inspiring and compelling, when we are enthused by people who seem spiritual and pious, how can we be sure that they are not charismatic charlatans preying on our vulnerability for their own selfish gain?
Is it Okay to be a Hypocrite?
Can I wear tzitzit if I drive on Shabbat?
I Had an Abortion and Regret It
Is Guilt Good?
I know that I can't reverse what I have done, but is there some way to alleviate my burden? Or must I resign myself to carrying the guilt with me all my life?
There’s so much hypocrisy!
Have you ever done any carpentry or one of those Ikea do-it-yourself jobs? They always tell you not to tighten the bolts until the whole thing’s been put together.
Is There a Cure for Jealousy?
I am struggling with jealousy in many areas in my life and in my relationships. Any words of advice for me?
What to Do if Your Boss Calls You a Fool?
If a worker makes a mistake can his boss call him a fool?
Should We Bear a Grudge Against a Murderer?
There are dozens of people I know who never use bad language, however, now they are writing things like, “I would kill him myself.” I understand the anger, shock and grief, but is this how we are supposed to respond, with a thirst for vigilante justice?
Three Simple Steps To Disarm an Angry Person
Turn confrontation into friendship
Return bullets with flowers. Lie low. Ponder what you like about this person. And then defuse the whole situation with a smile.