All that exists sings. Not that it exists and it sings. No. Its song is its being.

Why? Because each and every being emerged out of the infinite light. And to there it desires to return—not to be a thing, but to return to nothingness, reabsorbed within its source.

Yet, when it comes close to its source, it feels the desire of that source—that it must go back and exist.

And so it goes on, oscillating back and forth between being and not-being, each thing with its particular rhythm and pattern. According to that pattern, so are the properties of that thing. And that is its song.

Today, we call this string theory. The prophets and the ancient Book of Formation call it “running and returning.” It is the secret of all life and all being. There is not a thing that exists that does not throb, pulsate, and travel its journey undulating in a manifold pattern of waves. Every particle of life sings.

As a master composer is invested in every nuance of His composition, so too with our universe. It may be a nebula or an exploding supernova, it may be an ant or a microbe or even some subatomic particle that flits in and out of existence before any laboratory can detect it—in each one is invested all the infinite wisdom and beauty of an infinite Composer.

How much more so in the totality of all these trillions upon trillions of parts, all in perfect harmony and counterpoint, each playing its unique part in the counterpoint of a single symphony.

That is the way it is in all the higher, spiritual worlds. In our world, the parts are out of sync. In the higher worlds, the light of wisdom creates a harmony between all parts. Our world awaits us, the human being, to find harmony among ourselves.

Once we find that harmony, our world responds with a symphony to outshine all others. Because in the higher worlds, the Composer only dreams of His music. Our world is a world of action. In our world, it all becomes real.

Create harmony—at home, at work, in all the world around you. Create wonder.