Just a heads up that this is the one hundredth episode of KabbalaToons. No need to break out the champagne. No special party or fanfare. Just felt I had to share that because, well, KabbalaToons hold a special place in my heart.

Now, I know that some of you are bigger fans of the Daily Dose, or of the Heaven Exposed series, or the ChabadThink series, Dear Guad or some other form of my writings,or the super-kabbalistic writings of someone else here at Chabad.org. But please believe me when I write that the real deep secrets of the hidden wisdom lie mostly in these seemingly silly cartoons.

Yes, I know your three-year-old is entertained by them, so why should an adult waste his or her precious time with something a three-year-old enjoys? Well, that's just how deep, heavy truths work. They tend to be most easily expressed in the simplest, lightest and seemingly shallowest places. Like the mind of a three-year-old.

Actually, after this was created, we created the eXtreme Menorah Lighting ’toon that screened before this. So now that we are at #101, allow me to invite you to browse through the entire anthology of KabbalaToons (with their blogs), as they are divided into ten nifty sections:

  1. The Kabbala of Stuff—On the inner meanings of everyday things.

  2. Kabbalistic Sports—Who says spiritual enlightenment can’t be fun?

  3. KabAlefBet!—The Kabbalah of every one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and of words and letters in general.

  4. HolidayToons—Demonstrating that there’s more to Jewish holidays than prayers and eating food.

  5. Power Mitzvahs—The soul behind those strange rituals we do.

  6. The Isifier Suite—Interested in creating your own worlds out of nothing? Here’s where to start.

  7. Miri Makes Trouble—A high-suspense, serialized sci-fi/fantasy.

  8. The Feivel Suite—Everything you need to know about taming the beast within.

  9. Ari’s Lab—Ari is a lovable, somewhat geeky 15-year-old working in Rabbi Infinity’s KabbalaLab, and just clueing into the nexus of Kabbalah and hi-tech.

  10. The Parshafier—Okay, we only got four of these done. But if you clamor enough…