Heaven Exposed: Kabbalistic Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Insider stories of the truth behind heaven and earth

Discover the inside story about the creation of the moon, the Sinai Event, the creation of Adam, Chanukah, Purim, and more. Read the heavenly events that precipitated these major events -- described in humorous fashion...

The Tzaddik and the Dragon of Darkness I
A Kabbalistic SciFi-Fantasy based on the Book of Tanya
You bathed in the honey-sweet, divine glow that saturates every one of the endless strata of gardens of Eden, each with its particular flavor of light, its own taste of ecstasy. Bliss unlimited. And then you got the call.
The Tzaddik and the Dragon of Darkness II
A Kabbalistic SciFi-Fantasy based on the Book of Tanya
You found a cavern amidst the geothermal stream. It was warm. It was good. In some distant, fleeting way, it reminded you of the bliss of your garden above. Oh, how you yearned to return there.
Heaven Inc. Warns Author
"Your publication of these secret protocols of Heaven's business is outrageous and unacceptable. The notion that this revolution would tap into an essence-light rather than the standard glimmer in effect today is totally irrelevant to our discussion..."
The Lunar Files
The backstory behind oppression, suffering, darkness and everything else that ever goes wrong.
It was an eerie feeling as the orbit of the planets suddenly swung into reverse. The moon was no longer receiving and reflecting light; as though sucked inwards, radiance flowed from the moon to the sun...
The Sinai Files
A SciFi/Fantasy version of the classic story of Moses' battle with the angels to receive the Torah.
The classic case, Ministering Angels v. Moses, reported in the Talmud, has been public knowledge for millennia. Only recently, however, has the complete story come to light. Here is the entire dialogue as reconstructed from some of the declassified transcripts.
The Adam Files
"Look," he tried. The poor angel was almost hysterical. "Our job was software. How were we supposed to know that the hardware was to be made from mud? We pleaded with The Engineer to find a more fitting encasement for such an ultimate being than this gray meat patty..."
The Menorah Files
The inside story behind the Chanukah miracle
"In direct consequence to the overwhelming success of the Maccabee project, the administration of Heaven Inc. has decided to provide yet another wondrous manifestation of the truth behind the cosmos, a.k.a. a miracle. We are presently accepting proposals..."
The Shushan Files
Psychotherapy for the Angels
Events that unfolded in Shushan, the capitol of the Persian Empire, more than 25 centuries ago, had a traumatic effect on two angels assigned to the operation. Revealed here are transcripts of their sessions with their earthly therapist.
Tohu Wars
Jay Schwartz spends his days creating worlds and their creatures in cyberspace, searching for meaning within them.
The Tefillin Files
The Story of How One Unstoppable Teenage Kid Exposed the Hidden Secrets of an Ancient Ritual
A sci-fi rendering of tefillin, its kabbalistic underpinnings, and its contemporary relevance.
The Aleph Files
"Beit!" cried the angry little Aleph to G-d. "Beit is a nice little house with a roof and walls to hold out the Infinite Light and a little door on one side to let a trickle in. And You chose that constipated, square-headed letter over me!"
The Angel Files
What is a soul? I asked a couple of angels, a psychiatrist, a physicist and a guru, and this is what they told me...
The mystery proto-woman, who provides us the path towards humankind 2.0
Woman 1.0 was a harsh and judgmental version, not at all user-friendly. Her name was Lilith, with a personality as inflexible as a dry bone. Adam dumped that one fast. So woman was upgraded. The problem is, Adam wasn't...
Interview with Elijah
I know this sounds kind of strange, but remember, physicality originally was just a way of tightly focusing in on divine energy. Making abstract ideas more “concrete,” so to speak. Only when the world descended and Adam had to leave the garden, did physicality come into the conflict with spirituality we see now.
Me and My Body: a Dialogue
You think I'm a dumb hamburger with eyeballs. You think I'm filled with self-serving, egoistic, narcissistic stuffings, a real me-bag. But I know a truth that you don't...
Sin (Not the Perfume)
The Body-Soul Chronicles, Part II
"Listen soul, how 'bout you just sleep this one out while I..."
Isifier Tutorial: Otherness
The wait is up! KabbalaLabs Inc. finally releases a consumer version of their unique Isifier, including a comprehensive video tutorial. Miri and Feivel begin their journey exploring the kabbalistic secrets of isificatedness.
Hackers of the Cosmic Code
We need to learn from the hackers. Especially the criminal ones—and plenty of the most nefarious, criminal acts today are hacks.
How My iPhone Upgrade Redefined the Meaning of Life
Where does life truly reside, anyway?
At his instruction, I entered my ID and password into the cute little upgrade. I watched in awe as its very soul reappeared before my eyes.
Can't Life Have Purpose Without G-d?
Why not let human beings determine their own purpose?
One day my Mac composed its own algorithm for generating ideals. Based on that algorithm, it determined that the only way to achieve its ultimate self was for every process to be treated equally.
The original hi-tech personal assistant
At that point I realized that my iPhone is the Primordial Snake from the Garden of Eden. But nevertheless, I love my iSnake.
G-d's Ego
Philosophers and mystics are fond of pondering G-d’s oneness, perfectness, goodness, omniscience and amazingness. War, disease, school classrooms and the view from the New Jersey Turnpike get blamed on us.
Artificial Intelligence, Tay & the Tree
The day the Internet went mad
If artificial intelligence takes over, is this what it will look like? Is it a he, a she, an it, or an us?
Moses Returns
An Exclusive Chabad.org Interview
So let’s say Moses turns up today. What would he liberate us from? What sort of miracles would he make this time around?
The Kabbalah of Pokémon GO
Can Nintendo save the world?
It’s confirmed. Nintendo has Kabbalists designing their games.
The Mad Psychology of Electronic Gaming
How an obsessed gamer taught me the meaning of life.
“And just how,” I asked Dave, “would you render your characters unpredictable? Whatever random functions you write, at the end of the day, you have control.”
The Isifier
Interested in creating your own worlds out of nothing? Here’s where to start.
Ari's Lab
Ari is a lovable, somewhat geeky 15-year-old working in Rabbi Infinity’s KabbalaLab, and just clueing into the nexus of Kabbalah and hi-tech.
The World Is a Clothing Outlet
Life really is all about shopping
An Interview With a Solar Eclipse Engineer
Whoever knew the job could be this complex—and exasperating?
The Superhero Files
The secrets of Tanya are revealed in the canyon
The Real G‑d Game
Learning Kabbalistic truths from simulation games
I would know the life of a predator or a victim, even a worm, or a plant or a rock. I would experience the satisfaction of munching green leaves, the fear of an attacked animal; the choices of the hero, of the villain, or the coward. All would recognize the Me that is within them, and even I would find Myself there. And be surprised. If you’re G-d, you can surprise even yourself