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Stories on Return

A Jew in a Jeep
"Tell me, Rabbi," he called out anxiously, "if... if I put on tefillin, will G-d protect me?"
A Mezuzah for Mama
She noticed immediately the blank oblong space once occupied by the mezuzah. To prevent herself from commenting, she bit hard on her lip, then summoned Miriam to receive her Chanukah presents...
Yisroel stood in the doorway, cheeks and nose bright red from the cold, snow encrusting his thick brown bangs. “My mother is still not here, and I’m frozen. Can I wait inside?”
Schreiber the Jew
The doctor picked up the sample. He placed a drop on a slide, then slipped it under the eyepiece of the microscope. One glance showed him that it was full of bacteria—he did not bother to analyze it further.
An Emotional Wedding
Before the wedding reception, the groom approached me and sadly explained that I should not expect any form of cooperation from his father during the ceremony.
Shimon the Levi
"You see all these men?" The Chief asked. "They are all lost!" Shimon's face dropped. The Chief continued: "They don't know what tribe they come from!"
Something for G-d
He was falling into an abyss with nothing to hold on to, nothing to anchor him. One day, which seemed like every other day of listlessness and sadness, Steven was told he had a visitor
From Skinhead to Orthodox Jew
She had risked her life to save him during the war, and so she never wanted him to know the truth. She swore her neighbors to secrecy, and they dutifully remained silent for five decades...