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Modern-Day Miracles

A Chabad Friendship Saved My Life
I was informed that had I not gone out for lunch and had been sitting at my desk as usual, the end results would have been deadly.
Saved by an Arab Angel
I will never forget that night, five years ago, when my husband and I almost died. It was an event of pure terror coupled with the deepest faith in G-d. Even now, so many years later, tears come to my eyes when I speak about it.
My Life Was Saved by the Tefillin I Gave Away
There are times when Divine providence is so stark that you cannot help but take notice.
Why Did Moshe Buy a Stroller?
There was one prayer that wasn’t answered—the prayer for grandchildren
Her EEG was totally flat, indicating zero brain activity. A pacemaker made her heart beat artificially and a respirator made her lungs breathe artificially...
The Seventh Year
It was in 1950, after we had completed our army service. At first we lived in tents, in the middle of a barren wilderness. At that time, there were not yet water pipes reaching our moshav. We had to content ourselves with what could be grown in dry, rugged fields.
“It’s just not the same anymore without him . . .” She bows her head. I nod in agreement, but inside I’m singing.
A Pittsburgh Miracle
The warmth and the songs uplifted Marilyn in a way she hadn’t expected, creating a sense of openness inside her to whatever destiny had to offer.
When There Is Nowhere to Turn
It was the perfect apartment and the purchase was almost completed when the shekel dropped steeply against the dollar. Aleksander Guravich was suddenly obliged to come up with an additional forty thousand NIS. He didn't know where to turn.
A Rosh Hashanah Miracle
The Child From China
Sarah asked herself, could she handle newborn twins and an adopted baby at the same time? But she kept thinking about the girl in China who was surely waiting for loving parents to rescue her...
The Oak Tree
From the Brink of Despair
a 9/11 story
Dan told me that in recent days, as images of the 9-11 attacks appeared on television again and again with the approach of the anniversary, Sasha had become even more depressed, to the point that he was suicidal.
Doesn’t Everyone Deserve the Chance to Have a Child?
A true story of a woman who made the will of G‑d, her own
"We were dealt a blow today," my wife said softly. "But I don't want to be angry at G‑d. I want to give praise to G‑d for giving you to me and me to you. As we enter the next chapter of our lives and we will not let bitterness or melancholy darken it."
How to Make a Miracle
Once in a while, we’re gifted with an opportunity to make a miracle. Like the time I woke up too late for my final exam.