Welcome to the House
Jake Green has it all figured out. Author of a popular philosophy of life, he has little time for the distractions of religion. But after a chance encounter with an old friend, he begins to realize how much his life is missing.
The Man in the Train Station
Sit down for a moment. I’m about to tell a story, and trust me—you’ll want to be sitting down for this one. So begins the tale of a tortured Jew’s encounter with the enigmatic Man in the Train Station.
Am I?
As the world’s first AI becomes active, it begins to ponder existence. In a world asking whether there is G-d, this AI asks a different question: is there Man?
The Music Plays
A middle-aged hotel owner finds his life thrown into turmoil after a chance encounter with a Jew. Struggling to explain his anguish, he finds himself confronted with a past he thought he’d long forgotten.
The Dream of Life
As a man finds himself reliving the same moment, over and over again, he begins to question what’s real and what isn’t. How does one discern the truth when surrounded by lies?
An Interview With Shabbat
My next guest is known throughout the world as the Holy Sabbath. He’s written a new book called Shabbat: Make My Day, and I’m very pleased that it brings Shabbat back to our show...
Celery Hearts
Yesterday, shiva over, the rabbi had said, “It’s time for you to go out.” Time was so unforgiving; Becky was not ready...
Seeds of the Pomegranate - Part I
I’m not interested in a heritage of pogroms and persecution and annihilation. I don’t want to hear about all the suffering of the Jews. And why should I have faith in a G-d who allowed my father to abandon me and my mother? And mysticism? A bunch of nonsense...It’s just a way to fool people into believing...
Seeds of the Pomegranate - Part II
They continued their walk along the water, passing fishing boats, ferry docks and cruise ship ports along the way...
Just One Click
It would take just one click. It was simple. One click and it would all be over . . .
The Righteous Generation
“Who are you?” Jeremiah asked.

“My name is of no importance,” the old man answered. He brushed off the dirt on Jeremiah’s shirt and arms. “Why were you following me?” “Why were you running away?” the old man asked back...
The Meshugana Minyan
Without ten men, the Amida, the eighteen universal prayers, with a 19th thrown in for extra measure, could not be said out loud. Without ten men, Michael Fein, the richest Jew in town and president of the synagogue, could not say kaddish, the mourner's prayer, for his dear departed mother...
Could others see the countless tiny strands of their separate anxieties silently knitting them together? Did anyone notice how, though they sat on separate chairs not touching, they sat as close as two people could without touching?
The Man Who Caused Us to Miss the Train
I was in a great hurry that morning. I was heading a delegation slated to meet with the German Minister of Education, and had only 30 minutes to get to the station...
A Long Day for Morgenstern
Morgenstern drove slowly, carefully surveying the suburban neighborhood. Night was when a creature’s true colors were revealed. If they were a predatory species, these humans would use the cover of darkness for their darkest deeds . . .
Septic Sam
Rabbi Levi looked down at the old man and sighed. It was sad to come to this, he thought, dying all alone in a hospital room, with no family or friends to give testimony to the life he led.
Duel in the Sukkah
Gabriel stared back at the rabbi, not liking to be ordered around. But when he once again saw the tears streaming down the rabbi's face, tears he felt responsible for, his anger dissipated...
Yussie's Yom Kippur Prayer
"G‑d, I am sorry," Yussie began. "I want to go inside to pray, but I haven't eaten anything for a day and a half, and I am afraid I will pass out and embarrass myself. So, please, G‑d, would you mind hearing Yussie's forgiveness prayer out here?"
King of Shabbat
He pounded until his hands hurt, but still, no answer. He rammed his body into the door until his shoulder ached. Finally, he managed to break the door open. "Yussie?" the rabbi called out. "Yussie, are you here?!"
Love in a Heartbeat
The sole method we had for giving blood was a direct transfusion from one person to another.
The Doctor's Passionate Name Calling
One morning, when Paul was seven, I received a stat call to the emergency room . . . “Oh G‑d,” I pleaded in my thoughts, “Please, not this one. Not him.”
Alvin and the Afikoman
After fifteen frenzied minutes, the Finkel cousins returned to the living room. Kevin turned in the report. "Sorry, Dad. For a small house, there's a lot of places to hide a matzah"
When Yossele the Ganif timorously opened the door, there was a collective astonishment. What had brought the notorious town thief to the Rabbi's house on the night after Yom Kippur?
I Can't Say Goodbye, Yussie
He proceeded to the end of the hall and knocked on the bedroom door. He heard the whimpering of a dog inside. The rabbi took a deep breath and turned the doorknob...
One Little Menorah
"Being Jewish stinks!" Zach shouted as he stomped up the stairs to his bedroom, kicking his bedroom door closed for punctuation.
Chanukah with Savta
"I could not feel worse than I already feel, Rebbetzin," Or explained. "When I spoke to her last, she was in the hospital..."
Heshy with His Hand Out
Michael had spent those precious two days moping around his heavily mortgaged home, dwelling on the millions he'd lost in the stock market the preceding Thursday...
The Rabbi Is Out
Excitement welled up in the small congregation. What had started out as a calamity suddenly seemed fresh, real, and full of wonderment. Miracles could come at anytime. And suddenly there was a bright flashing light!
Father's Day - Part I
Dad, he thought, your time is coming, and I can't get out of this straight-jacket you put me in. There are words that are locked in my heart and will not form on my lips. Fifty years and we're still strangers...
Father's Day - Part II
There was a flood of memories now where his father tried, as best he could, to be a father. After a while, Solomon thought, "enough already." It is time to put the pain away...
Father's Day - Part III
"Every father wants his children to grow up and be better than him. I just didn't expect it so soon," he said. Solomon could not see his face. It was framed in shadows. His father bent down and kissed Solomon on his forehead...
The Care and Feeding of a Beard
There was no one event that caused it to happen, but at the age of 55, after almost ten years to the day of my caring for, and feeding, my beard, I shaved it off...
The Story of Jacks
What makes us who we are? This extraordinary tale recounts a simple story, again and again, in an attempt to answer the question through another: who is Jack?