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Stories on Shabbat

I Chose Shabbat Over a Rocket Launch
We had committed time and money to this event, yet we would have to miss it because driving to watch the launch on Shabbat was not an option.
The Last Time I Drove on Shabbat
The car sputtered, smoke wafted from the engine, and there were no gas stations in sight.
Spending Shabbat in the ER
It was the most uncomfortable Shabbat I have ever experienced. What was meant to be a quick visit to the emergency room turned into a hospital admission over Shabbat, with no advance warning.
The Old Man in the English Village
Sporting a full beard and speaking a fluent Yiddish, the elderly man seemed strangely out of place in this forgotten hamlet.
My Snowy Walk to Shul During the Blizzard of 2016
How my decision to venture out into a historic snowstorm on Shabbat brought me closer to Judaism, Torah and my neighborhood Chabad center.
The Rebbe Inspired Me to Turn Down the Job
Imagine my excitement when I received a job offer to work on a national presidential campaign in Tampa, Florida, this past summer. The one catch: this job would require me to work on Shabbat.
The Shabbat Man
Some called him Reverend Abrahamson. Others called him Cantor. My father called him Chazzan and bristled at the other names...
The Rabbi's Motorcycle Accident
Katia’s voice became choked with emotion as she continued, “I became very angry at Jews and at Judaism. I decided that it was not for me. ‘If Jews behave like this,’ I thought to myself, ‘it’s better for me to be among non-Jews.’”
The Banker's Shabbat Dilemma
As he was running his hands up the side of the coats, he suddenly realized that his pockets were still filled with wads of money from that day's dealings.
Shabbat on the Battlefield Saved My Life
Prior to the next Shabbat, the commanding officer, Victor, announced that ten percent of the soldiers could go home for Shabbat, a twenty-four hour leave. Unfortunately, the truck that came to take us back to civilization arrived twenty-five minutes before Shabbat began.
Reach for the Gold
Shimon had gone through months of brutal practice in order to compete in the '72 Olympics in Munich, and he had already purchased his plane ticket...
The Shabbat that Kept Rose
Rose felt like a leaf caught between heavy gusts of wind with no anchoring force to answer her question: To keep her job, or keep the Shabbat?
Home For Shabbat
I glanced at my watch nervously. Usually, I avoid flying Friday afternoons for fear I won't arrive in time, but this time, I figured I'd be safe. I figured wrong...
A Strange Estate Sale Transaction
Driving away, the image of the candlesticks for sale on that dining room table stayed in my mind. Why am I still thinking about them? I wondered. Soon I felt more clarity: I had completely missed an opportunity!
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