I've now read a few articles on your site that contain the phrase "Jewish pride." Where I come from, pride is a negative trait, and "Jewish pride" seems like something that could only lead to antisemitism. Why is this being promoted? Am I missing something?


Translate pride as arrogance and you've got a point. Being stuck-up isn't what we have in mind.

Rather, translate the word pride as confidence: As a Jew, I have a conviction that I am doing what is right. I am comfortable with my Jewish identity. My Judaism is not to be hidden, as there is nothing to hide.

And the wonderful thing is that this only improves the way others treat us. Because nobody is impressed by a person who tries to be something he's not.

The Chief Rabbi of England, Lord Jonathan Sacks, perhaps put it best when he said, "Non-Jews respect Jews who respect their Judaism. Non-Jews are ashamed by Jews who are ashamed by their Judaism."