I still struggle with the idea of a personal G‑d since He does not answer our prayers or ease the suffering of the good and innocent. We say all these blessings about how G‑d is intimately involved, but to our eyes it seems otherwise, except for the righteous tzaddik who is able to communicate with Him.

Please help.


G‑d listens and answers every prayer of the heart, whether in packaging that we recognize or otherwise. He eases the suffering of the innocent and protects those who are helpless. Where there is oppression, G‑d is there with the oppressed. Where there is wrongdoing, He stands with the downtrodden, the persecuted and the broken hearted. This lies at the very core of our faith: That there is only one of Him, from whom all things come, and He is good. To live believing otherwise is to not truly live at all.

It is just that, for this sliver of time out of eternity, He has granted humankind free will and placed His world in our hands. Yet in the big picture, those who foster darkness will face the consequences of their own devices while those who stay close to Him in the hour of their distress will remain there to bask in His light as it breaks forth in unbounded intensity in a time to come. Even now, they sit embraced within that light, unable to sense more than an inkling of His presence. Our world is not yet ready for such revelation, but soon it will come.

In the meantime, repeat to Him the words I have told you, in truth the words of David, sweet singer of Israel. And as a sweet father responding to his little girl, He will live up to His words. Whenever your heart is aching, turn to Him. If you are angry with Him, tell Him so. If you need to cry, cry in His arms. He will hold you tight.

Evil exists within a fleeting moment, but good endures for eternity. Live in the eternity.