Buried beneath the three inch heels of an Israeli model are ancient ruins. The spring Mediterranean air blows her hair and whispers the stories of our ancestors. She poses, and the earth beneath her cries the tears of an exile that is getting more bitter by the day.

In one of the more heart-wrenching steps that Israel has taken to regain its self confidence, the country is toying with a new public relations strategy to boost Israel's image around the world: baring the skin of Israeli models. Israeli consular officials in New York have hired one of the most popular men's magazines, for the tricky task of revamping Israel's image.

Israel has flown a photo crew across the world for the big makeoverThe decision to actively work on recreating Israel's image comes with the realization that, around the world, Israel is known for its clashes that ensue from the many ownership claims to a land rich in religious records. Indeed, Israel does have a bad rap. Ill politics and war have crowned Israel with one word: Conflict. And it's exactly that conflict which Israel is in a struggle to disassociate from. By erasing "conflict" from its image, Israel hopes to gain the world's interest, see the return of tourism, and all around boost public impression. So, Israel has flown a photo crew across the world for the big makeover.

But, what's happening at this photo shoot is more troubling than all of Israel's political mishaps, betrayal, and violence that have spun from religious rifts and corrupt leaders. Deep down, the new PR strategy proves more than anything that Israel is torn not just between Palestinians and Jews, but at its very core. Israel's true conflict is not one of fire and bombs. It is far worse.

As the model's smoldering eyes stare past the camera, the Holy Land is sizzling from the resentment that she is being forced into a deep hibernation.

Tourists go to the Bahamas for the white beaches, to England for the Royals, to Rome for the churches, and to France for romance. While every country knows that successful tourism means enlivening their essence, Israel - the country with a truly deep soul - is going the cheap route and succumbing to the "sex sells" credo. Refusing to flaunt its main attractions, Israel is risking its life to create a foreign image. As the long legs of a model replace the steps of a biblical tour, the Holy Land's cries are muffled while its soul lies dormant.

The unavoidable truth is that Israel is a Holy Land. An atheist would tell you that. The land of Israel is known to all as a place where ancient holy relics and the story of a people is found in every grain of sand. People flock to Israel for her treasured proof of a people, their story, their heritage, their past, and their future.

True understanding of the tiny country takes digging deep and searchingEveryone with a remote interest in Israel knows that true understanding of the tiny country takes digging deep and searching. The exiled Israel is a shy land, where the discovery of its essence takes archeological digs, long trips, and a learned mind. But whoever searches will find.

In Israel, there is a wall. Come closer, and it is a fragment of a temple that once stood as a peoples' link to G‑d.

In Israel, there is a mountain. Come closer and hear the story of hundreds of martyrs who refused to die at the hands of their persecutors.

In Israel, there is a gravesite. Come closer and find the tomb of our ancestors, and the father of our people.

Dig for artifacts. Feel the cobblestone. Drink the water. Hear the stories.

The Israel experience is a personal one. People of every nationality and religion describe a journey that transcends mere traveling. It's a journey of searching and finding, of discovering what seems so hidden.

When will Israel realize that revealing all has never been a national attribute? While the popular rule that "image is everything" may prove true elsewhere, it will never work for a land that grows trees from a blessed soil. Israel's essence, the holiness that lies beyond any image, is yearning for our true affection. But Israel's measly attempt to attract people with bodies is not only telling the world that there is nothing to find - it is saying, "Don't even bother looking."

The real tourist has no interest in a self-deprecating country. Israel is promoting itself with flesh. As if suffering from anorexia, she is broadcasting to the world a very warped sense of self. Israel doesn't need the return of tourism, rather the return of her soul. Essentially, in her existential struggle, she is trading her milk and honey for a martini.

Now, if that doesn't scream "Conflict!" then what does? Israel may be hiding its war and torment behind revealing models, but is baring more than skin. The photographer at this photo shoot is taking pictures of Israel's greatest conflict yet.