Dear Friend,

If you read, or if you follow the happenings of the Jewish world, it is virtually impossible for you not to have been touched by the writings, teachings or example of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the British Commonwealth.

Over the years, Rabbi Sacks has been a dear friend and generous contributor of content to our website, to whom we (and our readers) are forever grateful.

When the news was shared that Rabbi Sacks is battling illness, we decided to ask you, our international community of readers, to dedicate your Torah study, especially of the Torah essays penned by Rabbi Sacks, in merit of his speedy recovery.

To sign up for a weekly essay of the Rebbe, adapted by Rabbi Sacks, via email, please click here.

And please join us in giving tzedakah and praying for Harav Yaakov Zvi ben Liba, among all those in need of healing.


The Team

P.S. To assist you in your study, and to better showcase the depth and beauty of Rabbi Sacks’s prolific teachings, we’ve aggregated them all together in one place for you to peruse and enjoy.