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With content from the Ruderman-Chabad Inclusion Initiative
Inclusion starts with our attitudes toward what it means to belong. The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of righteous memory, taught us to embrace and value each and every person, based solely on an individual’s inner essence. We present you with essay...
This week I discovered that my teacher was correct. It is indeed true that the disabled have greater merit than the rest of us . . .
A mother's endless love for her special son
Chana Scop shares her experiences parenting a child with special needs.
Multiple Sclerosis .. With regard to your question about your acquaintance with a lady who has a health problem related to MS, and whether you should pursue the acquaintance with the intention of matrimony: This, first of all, is a matter of personal feel...
Though he can no longer walk or speak, and needs assistance with many basic daily functions, he is determined to continue living as he would have before his diagnosis...
Chagai changed my whole attitude towards situations I had previously thought of as limiting. Now, instead of looking at them in terms of 'cannot', I look at them as challenges to conquer. The problem may not necessarily be cured, but it does not have to h...
My Brother Josh
I spent twenty years of my life wishing he were “normal.” Imagining. Yearning. Wondering about ordinary things like—what would he be like? What would he look like? Would we get along, and what would we have in common?
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