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Inclusion in the Parshah and Holidays

Why Build a Too-Small Ark?
Parshat Noach
It is absurd to think that an ark the length of a football field-and-a-half can house the nearly million species of animals that roam the Earth.
An Impromptu Intervention
Parshat Vayeira
When the car flips, or flames leap from a crumbling home, there are those ordinary people who do extraordinary things. What is the process?
Bringing the Blessing Into Our Tent
Parshat Chayei Sarah
Great blessings such as these do not come as the result of any particular ability we may have or lack.
A Cruel Uncovering
Parshat Vayeishev
Joseph’s famous multi-colored tunic is the unmistakable marker of his identity. It was the symbol of his prestige.
Solutions With a Soul
Parshat Shemot
Every human being has incalculable worth; differences in ability are superimposed upon our innate humanity.
Become a
Parshat Mishpatim
Moses warned the nation as they were on the cusp of entering the Land of Israel to never forget the true source of their wealth and achievement.
Aaron, the Clouds and the Long Road to the Holy Land
Parshat Chukat
Bereft of the aura of the untouchable, Israel became vulnerable to external threats.
How Do We Define Others?
Rosh Hashanah
Every year, we celebrate Rosh Hashanah again. Because creation—and its interpretation—is a never ending process.
The Whole Is the Sum of Its Parts
Yom Kippur
In order for the body of the Jewish people to function, individuals have to realize that each individual is part of the whole.
What Shemini Atzeret Teaches Us About Inclusiveness
Shemini Atzeret
Why a circle dance? Why move in such a way that you don’t get any further than when you started?
The Opportunity in Adversity
The soul, and its innate bond with G‑d, is the only force powerful enough to extricate a Jew from the spiritual morass of Hellenistic Greece.
The Miracle of Turning Darkness into Light
Stereotyping another person is similar to standing on a hillside at night.
A 21st Century Exodus
Our lives are constricted and defined by many limitations. But our truest humanity is expressed by moving beyond these limitations, and actualizing our core identity, our soul.
The Seder and Inclusion
It is exceedingly clear that the Seder table will be incomplete without the representation and participation of the entire spectrum of society.
The Missing Blessing
The Last Days of Passover
But all that wonder has yet to materialize. Our world is still one with war, with poverty, malice, still a world in exile from its essential, G‑dly nature.
It is important to remember that their diagnoses do not define their emotions, although it may impact how they express them and what they express.
Seven Heroes With Disabilities in the Bible
Careful scrutiny of the text (and the Midrashic subtext) reveals that some of these heroes lived with life-altering disabilities
Ten Ways You Can Help Alcoholics and Addicts Have a Happy Purim
Each year my wife and I host an alcohol-free Purim seudah (festive afternoon meal) in the heart of Jerusalem for Jewish alcoholics, addicts, and their families.
Sukkot, Ushpizin, and Disability Inclusion
Is Your Sukkah Wheelchair Accessible?
There have been several times when we arrived at a friend’s sukkah only to find the doorway too narrow to enter.