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If someone is autistic, it doesn’t mean that they don’t relate to anyone. They might not relate well to people, but to G‑d they relate as well as everyone else, and even more. Place a charity box in his room. This will benefit him, and he’ll remind his visitors that they must give charity.
Love Your Fellow As Your Fellow Needs
The mitzvah to “love your fellow as yourself” raises a dilemma. What should you do when your needs are different from your friend’s? If you are thirsty while your friend is hungry, it would be un-loving to offer him a drink instead of food. If you have time for Torah study while your friend is struggling to make ends meet, it is wrong to help him learn Torah but ignore his need for help earning a livelihood.
Never Give Up On a G-dly Spark
Professor Reuven Feuerstein, a world-renowned Israeli clinical and developmental cognitive psychologist, discusses some of the Rebbe’s influence on his life’s work.
Not 'Handicapped' But 'Exceptional'
The Rebbe addresses disabled Israeli soldiers and athletes - Part 1 (August 19, 1976 · 23 Av, 5736)
When someone has a physical weakness or lack, it is a sign that the Creator has endowed that person with special powers which enable him or her to overcome and succeed where the ordinary person cannot.
Rivky Over Coffee
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