By the Grace of G‑d
13 Tishrei, 5740
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dr. R. Wilkes, DSW
Chairman, Region-II Council for Mental Retardation
Coney Island Hospital
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

Because of the intervening High Holidays, my acknowledgment of your letter of Sept. 19th has been somewhat delayed.

Of course you have my permission to disseminate my letter, if it can serve a purpose in promoting the cause of education in general, and of the "special children” in particular. Indeed, since every child is special and deserves special attention, how much more so those who are “slower” than others.

However, if the letter is to be disseminated, an important reservation must be added, which though self evident to a person like yourself, may not be self evident to others, and therefore must be clearly stated to them. hence was not mentioned ·in my letter to you.

It is that in all that has been said in regard to Jewish children - it is first necessary the requirement of the Halacha in regards to these children - depending on their age and 'their level of' comprehension to make sure that the facilities meet these requirements in terms of Kashrus, Shabbos, Teffilin. etc.

To add a timely note appropos of the New Year, which is a "Seventh Year, a Year of Shemittah" (Sabbatical Year), and also began on the day of the holy Sabbath, the main characteristic of the Sabbath day is that it is a day of “delight” (Oneg) for young and old, as it is written, “You shall call the Sabbath a delight,” which, by extension, also characterizes the entire New Year.

Hence, if there are children and adults who, for whatever reason, are in a situation which precludes them from enjoying the "Sabbath" delight, it behooves anyone who becomes aware of this to do everything possible to enable them to participate in this delightful experience. The fact that the knowledge of the existing situation has reached certain organizations and individuals - and everything is by Divine Providence, is a further indication that they are in a position to act on this knowledge. Should there be any difficulties, even real ones and not exaggerated or imagined, it only means that they have commensurate capacities to overcome them, For as with all Divine commandments, the obligation is given together with the capacity to carry it out,

Thus, in the final analysis, it is largely a matter of persona, will and determination. With esteem and blessing of Chag Someiach,

P.S. I take the liberty of enclosing a copy of my New Year message, in which the significance of the New Year, 5740 as a "Year of Sabbath" is more fully discussed.

P.P.S. I note in the zerox copy of my letter, which you enclosed with yours, that the word "yet" - added by hand (P, 2, 8 line from bottom), as well as the line underscoring the word "tangible" (Beg . P. 3) does not appear clear, No doubt this will be rectified in the other copies.