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Parshat Terumah

Exodus 25:1-27:19

Readings for Terumah
Adar 4, 5783
February 25, 2023

Kings I 5:26 - 6:13
Torah Portion: Terumah
Terumah in a Nutshell

The people of Israel are called upon to contribute thirteen materials—gold, silver and copper; blue-, purple- and red-dyed wool; flax, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oil, spices and gems—out of which, G‑d says to Moses, “They shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I shall dwell amidst them.”

On the summit of Mount Sinai, Moses is given detailed instructions on how to construct this dwelling for G‑d so that it could be readily dismantled, transported and reassembled as the people journeyed in the desert.

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