Weekly Sermonette

Great and Grand or Small and Simple?
G-d does not require spectacular spires or museums to house His holy presence. Where is He found? In the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of a simple synagogue.
Sinai or Sanctuary?
To put it simply: are we waiting for G‑d, or is G‑d waiting for us? Who makes the next move?
Giving or Getting?
It is significant that the Hebrew expression for "acts of loving kindness," gemilut chassadim, is always in the plural form: every time someone performs a single act of kindness, at least two people are benefiting--the receiver and also the giver
Going for Gold
A synagogue can be a humble hut—but we need to demonstrate what our values are and where our priorities lie. To give honor and glory by beautifying His Holy House is one way...
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