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Parshah Musings

The Cycle of Life
It’s easy to understand why there is a perception that studying for a degree or our jobs should be our priority, while studying Torah is the cream that floats on top; nice enough, but not exactly crucial to life.
The Big Donors
When people contribute financially they feel invested in the project and their expectations become the true catalyst of sustainable growth.
Should I Stay in Yeshiva or go Into Business?
I’m wondering whether I should stay in yeshivah—as my rabbis here suggest—or whether I should focus on getting a degree or joining my father in business.
Poll Tax
I can understand the outrage. Isn't a tax that devolves on everyone equally, regardless of his or her ability to pay, patently inequitable?
Gold! Gold! Gold!
For us "copper" folks, occasionally well-intentioned but dragged down by the weaknesses of the flesh... how tempting to concede in despair and leave the building of G-d's sanctuary to the spiritually successful "gold" and "silver..."!
Healthy Give and Take
He held two backpacks, one full of sandwiches and the other money. He strolled down the aisle offering the patrons a choice: "If you have, please give. If you need, please take."
I Asked for Money
We arranged an appointment. I came prepared. I made my pitch, explained our plans, emphasized the opportunities that lay ahead and then paused. The pause. That time it didn't work.
The Golden Rule
Hospitals, retirement villages, anti-discrimination commissions, museums, and Yiddish theaters. All are worthy causes and deserving of support, yet they are not our communal priority...
Why the Tabernacle Was So Opulent
Was all that gold, silver and copper really needed in the mishkan?
Judaism takes an inverse attitude to conspicuous consumption.
When I Went to Israel
I’ve heard of people packing the kitchen sink, but who takes wooden walls with them on their travels?
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