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Beyond Speech

Ki Tavo

Lying here in my bed, unable to move or speak, unable to hug or kiss my precious children, I am in a physical Egypt
Do I Cry to G‑d That He Heal Me?
Sometimes it feels like we are in an impossible situation, everything seems to be against us, and we are backed against a raging tide.
For the haftarah of Beshalach, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The song by the sea was sung by both the men and the women. Why is the song of the haftarah only that of a woman, Deborah?
Manna, Bread From the Heavens
I have not found a Jew who is not ready for a lesson from the inner Torah.
Reveal What Is Hidden
The way of G-d is to "journey forth," making this world into a home for G-d.
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