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Guest Columnists

How to Be Calm When the Cupboard Is Bare
G‑d can give us a family, a car, a house and a job, and I may not enjoy any of it. Why? Because no matter how good it is now, the shakiness of what about tomorrow steals the show and scares me.
Can You Be Righteous?
Our world needs more righteous people or, at least, more righteous acts.
Why We Love Old Songs
And as many times as you hear it, you’re moved all the same. If the tune grabs you from the get-go, it will almost always continue to do so.
Is Your Optimism Grounded in Reality?
A man gets into his car and decides, in the name of “optimism,” that he won’t buckle up. Is he an optimist or is he foolish?
Clearing the Sidewalks and the Splitting of the Sea
Snow is easy to clear, but once it’s been beaten down and turned to ice, what would have been a ten-minute job can turn into hours of banging and salting to break up the rock-hard sheets.
Bitterness Moves
Parshat Beshalach
When confronted with pain, we have three choices . . .
The Power of a People
The sages tell us that it was all because of the children...
Pure Passion
What animates me? What perks me up and gets my blood pumping? What thoughts come to mind when nothing else is taking up my brain space?
The Secret of Getting Free
Bombarded from every direction, we can hardly help but respond. We try harder, run faster and work longer, racing at breakneck speed like mad hamsters on a wheel. No one expects to keep running forever. We all intend to stop—just as soon as we get where we’re going . . .
Why the Need to Split the Sea?
A lesson on why the Jews needed to travel through the Red Sea
Growing Up With My Daughter: Becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Being that I struggle with grownuphood in general, you can imagine my apoplexy at the fact that our oldest daughter, Nava, is becoming Bat Mitzvah this week. Yup, according to Jewish law, my baby is about to become a woman. Which, I guess, means I better start seeing myself as one, if I need to see her as one . . .
The Quill of the Soul
The Power of Music
Even now, years later, the tune of that melody is still in my head. I access it when I need to unwind. I connect to it like the words of a lover's poem. Yet it went beyond what words could express. It was as if the rhythm of my soul could be found in between the notes...
Why Were the Israelites Still Afraid of Pharaoh?
The Jews are standing in the shadow of a huge, clearly supernatural pillar of fire. Why are they still afraid?
When Do You Have to Fight?
It’s best to walk away from a fight. Except when the enemy threatens one’s holiest possession. (Parsha Perks | Beshalach | with Dr Michael Chighel)
What Happens When the Miracles Stop
An Essay On Parshat Beshalach
Man’s glory is his free will, for his ability to decide is a kind of act of G‑d. Man can use his free will to his own detriment, or as an expression of glory and dignity.
Why Did All the Pursuers Die at the Red Sea?
Was there not even a single person who deserved to be spared?
Triggering G-d
G‑d behaves with you as you behave with Him and others.
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